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  2. Erika says:

    Hi. For images that have an external link set in the description, is there a way to edit the script so that the link opens on top in the same page instead of a new window. Thanks.

  3. Bev says:

    Sure thing Erika. You can edit imageflow.js, and replace the 2 references of:

    window.open (this.url);

    window.location = this.url;

  4. Hi,
    Great plugin, I love it.
    Is there a way to configure this to use with Lightbox/Picbox/Slimbox, when image is clicked to use lightbox galery view?

    Or is there a plugin that has both functions that you know of?

    I really like the way your plugin displays images but I need for users to view large images when clicked on and I thought Lightbox would be great way to do this.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Damir,

      This plugin already supports a Lightbox preview of the image. Try clicking the center image and it should open up a large size preview with dimmed background (unless you have the image linked to an external URL).

  5. Thanks for a quick reply,
    I have images in folders on my domain (instead of built-in) so I’m using [wp-imageflow2 dir=mods/3col] shortcode and it works fine. But clicking on image (actually double-clicking) it just opens in new window.

    • Bev says:

      There might be a conflict of some sort with another plugin. If you send me a link to the page I can take a look at it.

    • Bev says:

      You don’t need the Lightbox plugin – it is built into my plugin.

      I found that your theme loads a version of jquery (jquery-1.2.6.min.js) that is a conflict with the default WordPress version of jquery. When I comment out this script your lightbox works properly.

  6. Yes It loads 1.2.6min as it needs it for the coda slider on homepage. I just fixed that by using different header file for homepage and your imageflow – lightbox works now on posts.Thank you for such a fast and helpful response.

    Now I have another question. Is there a way to override your lightbox style with standard so when clicked on image it brings up arrows to view other images in same lightbox window instead of having to click each picture individually?

    thanks again.

  7. Anyway it works great, just what I needed for my blog. I just gave it 5 stars and posted comment on WordPress plugin directory.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Damir,

      Thanks for the positive feedback.

      At present there is no way to click through the images in the Lightbox, but it is something I have in mind as a possible extension for the future.

      • Karl says:

        Hi Bev-
        Was just wondering whether you’d given any more thought to creating a way for users to click through to another url from the full-size images in the lightbox? I love the way the forward/back arrows appear now, but would like to be able to make the title below work as a link or to add a link in some other manner that wouldn’t affect the plugin’s current operation. I’ve seen discussion around this idea before and thought I’d follow up.

  8. emptyhammond says:


    The plugin assumes that the web URL starts with www. (which my site doesn’t). Edited line 274 of wp-imageflow2.php to fix.

    • Bev says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I am investigating a solution and hope to release it soon!

      Update – version 1.4.2 should fix it.

  9. Daniel says:

    hi there, a great plugin…
    i have a question how i can put text on the images to appears in the slideshow?


  10. marjinal says:

    hi there .thanks for plugin, Does anybody know if tis script is compatible with WordPress 2.9 ? Thanks in advance for any help on this! Regards

  11. Bev says:

    Daniel – if you are using the built-in WordPress gallery you must enter a title to display as the image text. For a subdirectory the title will be the image name.

    Marjinal – I have successfully tested up to WordPress 2.9.2

  12. rudi says:

    I like your plugin. (v1.4.4)

    I did have to tweak it a little though. In the admin Settings page the background-color only accepts color codes. However I needed to use “transparent”, which is also valid.

    My workaround follows, but I’m not sure if it is the correct way to do it.
    Also the background still indicates an error in input but I think this is handled by a different js function only for visual display.

    Around line 387 I added this between the if and else

    elseif ( $_POST['wpimageflow2_bgc'] == 'transparent' ) {$options['bgcolor'] = $_POST['wpimageflow2_bgc'];

    • Bev says:

      Hi Rudi, I’m glad you like the plugin and found a solution to your background colour. I will definitely add supporting transparency to my “to do” list.

  13. Shawn says:

    I’m trying to use WP-ImageFlow2 v1.4.4 and I don’t get how to use it. I read these basic instructions but nothing happens. Here’s what I did:
    1. On a page I uploaded 9 images and then in the gallery tab I clicked “insert gallery”. So on my page is a gallery now.
    2. Then below it on the page I typed in [ wp-imageflow2 ]
    3. Saved the page
    4. When I view the page I just see a standard image gallery – not the ImageFlow plugin. I don’t get this.

  14. Bev says:

    Shawn – You need to remove the spaces from the wp-imageflow2 shortcode. I have spaces on this page so they are left unexpanded on this page, but you need to remove the spaces in your page.

    You can also delete the [ gallery ] shortcode from your page.

    Hope this helps!

  15. Shawn says:

    Bev your awesome! That totally worked. That should be documented with the instructions.

    Ok, now that I have the basic feature working I’m noticing some issues:
    1. IE8 doesn’t display the popup with the bigger image. Firefox v3.6.3 does
    2. Although Firefox shows the popup, there is a dotted outline that appears to be part of the next image displayed right down the middle of the image which isn’t cosmetically appealing. It appears once you start using the next & prev buttons.
    3. The scroll bar under the images with the dot – is it supposed to do anything? It doesn’t appear to. I can only scroll by clicking on the next image or using the mouse wheel.


  16. Shawn says:

    Also, I noticed that the decription for each image that is contained in the image gallery doesn’t show. Is it possible to have the description text for each image to display under the image above the “Close” button? That would be ideal to have a description display so that each image can be described when viewing. Thanks.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Shawn – you are right, dragging the scroll bar is not working. However, I find the other issues you mentioned work for me. Do you have a link to your page so I can look at it?

  17. Shawn says:

    Currently I have this on the “Accents” page which is:


    Once I have this working the way I hope, I would like to then put it on each of the other pages and eliminate all the text and just use the image decriptions to simplify the presentation.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Shawn,

      Your IE8 problem is in the effects script from Scriptaculous – for some reason it fails. Maybe there is a script conflict with another plugin? One way around it is to delete the “Effect.Appear” references in imageflowplus.js and replace with simple “topbox_div.style.display = ‘block';”. This eliminates the need for the effects.

      Your Firefox problem is probably the text-decoration:underline that is inherited by the divs #wpif2_topboxprev and #wpif2_topboxnext. I am looking at a fix for this.

      Your photo descriptions are actually there but are white on white so they don’t show up – you can style #wpif2_topboxcaption to another colour. Currently a full paragraph description would not work well since it is also displayed in the scrolling gallery view.

      Update: to remove the dashed outline from Firefox, use
      outline-color: invert;
      outline-style: none;
      outline-width: medium;

      The dashed outline is for accessibility, but I feel okay removing them because there is an arrow to indicate the active link.

  18. Shawn says:

    Hmm, now I’m a bit confused now because I’m not aware of any Scriptaculous effect/plugin. The other items you mentioned I can’t find the references to. It now looks like I might have set myself back a bit – I’ve tried to get many image plugins to work and none ever worked right; so I had a lot of plugins still installed (but not activated) so I just decided to delete all these plugins not being used to clean up and ideally eliminate anything that may be conflicting. Now your plugin doesn’t work in Firefox any more. Do I need to re-install your plugin now? If so what is the best way to do that?

    • Bev says:

      It looks like your plugin still works on Firefox for me. I found your conflict – mootools is used for the sliding header. For some reason it will not run in IE. Your best bet is to remove the effect in imageflowplus.js.

      I have a fix for the dragging scrollbar that I will be releasing soon. It also removes the dashed outline in FF.

  19. Shawn says:

    So here’s where I’m at…Things to fix:
    1. Remove “Effect.Appear” from imageflowplus.js – done; I commented out this line in two places
    2. Replace with topbox_div.style.display = ‘block’; in imageflowplus.js – done; below the above comment I put this line.

    3. Not sure about:
    “Your Firefox problem is probably the text-decoration:underline that is inherited by the divs #wpif2_topboxprev and #wpif2_topboxnext” … I assume this was later addressed by “I found your conflict – mootools is used for the sliding header. For some reason it will not run in IE. Your best bet is to remove the effect in imageflowplus.js.”

    I assume you meant to remove the “wpif2_topboxprev” and “wpif2_topboxnext” from imageflowplus.js but do I just comment out that line or do I replace it with something else?

    4. Caption – I changed the color and see the caption. I understand what you are saying about the description but a nice enhancement would be when you are displaying the bigger image (the thickbox effect) it would be nice to display the description there because there is more room to work with. That would be awesome.

    5. To remove the dashed outline from Firefox, where do these outline settings go?

    Thanks for your help.

  20. Shawn says:

    Oops that doesn’t work, now it is totally gone.

    • Bev says:

      Shawn, version 1.4.6 will now fix problems 3 & 5 from your list. I will email you regarding your other problems! :)

  21. Shawn says:

    Great job Bev! I just installed 1.4.6. The install went smooth and the dashed outline is gone from the images in Firefox. Looks good. Now just to get IE issue resolved. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks for you quick responses and accurate resolutions!

  22. Karl says:

    This is a gorgeous plugin Bev! Thank you for all the good work.

    Any idea how I can get WP-ImageFlow2 working with Tabber Widget? I’m suspecting there’s some kind of moo tools conflict–whenever I activate wpif2, the tabber widget functionality and styling doesn’t seem to load.

    You can see the result at http://www.practicelight.com.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you again–great plugin!


    • Bev says:

      Hi Karl, I took a quick look at your site late last night and it appeared to be working. Did you resolve your problem?

      In any event, I am going to spend some time looking into the MooTools conflict issue and resolve it once and for all. Stay tuned!

      UPDATE – now released version 1.4.7 which is MooTools compatible!

  23. Shawn says:

    Version 1.4.7 also worked to solve my IE problems which were Mootools related.

    If anyone is looking for this kind of image plugin, this is the one to use! This plugin works great and the author Bev is awesome to work with. She is very responsive, professional, technically competent and a pleasure to work with. This is the reason this plugin is so successful. The install is simple and quick. The plugin is easy to work with and looks great!

  24. Murtaza says:

    Hi, I want to insert gallery in my website but i am not able to insert it. please guide how to show gallery in my product gallery page.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Murtaza,
      Are you using a subdirectory for your gallery? Then you should create a directory under wp-content called galleries. Below that place another subdirectory called mygallery. Upload your photos there. In the configuration settings set your gallery path to “wp-content/galleries/”. When that setting is saved you should see a list of the proper shortcodes for the galleries found. Insert the shortcode with square brackets and no spaces, like this:
      [wp-imageflow2 name=mygallery]

      Hope this helps

  25. Karl says:

    Hi Bev!

    Fantastic Fix–your plugin now works perfectly and I get to keep my tabber-widgets! Thank you so much. Kind of fun playing with the CSS around it too…

    I’m assuming that 1.4.7 and your great work with the JQuery script was what did the trick, since I simply went with the automatic upgrade the morning after I left my first post and found my problem magically solved.

    Look forward to seeing how this evolves. Very, very helpful!


  26. Karl says:

    Hello Bev!

    Here’s a mystery for you–I just completed migrating the http://www.practicelight.com site over to Host Gator and noticed a change in the plugin’s performance. All of the images are now transparent. They’re there and I can click on them, but they’re not visible.

    I’ve played around with them a bit but can’t figure out how to make them visible again. Reloaded the plugin, reloaded the images in the gallery, reinserted the shortcode.

    Very, very strange. Any ideas?

    I’ll leave that home page accessible for you in the event you want to have a look.



  27. elia says:

    hi bev, i love your plug-in and i’m testing it in the home of my wp-blog, but as you can notice there is a problem showing the scrollbar, can you give me an advice how to solve this issue?

    • Bev says:

      Elia – Your theme is overriding the style. I have emailed you a new css file that should solve the problem. I will include this fix in the next release.

      Karl – Your server is serving a 404 error on the reflect script when it is passed the full image path. Stripping out the leading “http://www.practicelight.com” solves the problem. I have emailed you more details. I have no idea if this is a common problem.

  28. Karl says:

    Thank you Bev–got your email and the new strict server option seems to do the trick. Great work on the plugin and support.

  29. Frank says:

    Hi, I have a test page with the following shortcode:

    [wp-imageflow2 dir=images/iwps/jpg-images/]

    When I view the page nothing is there. Images are listed in the options page correctly.
    Source code shows:

    I am testing on my macintosh and do not have a public site yet.
    Every other plugin I test works so I don’t think it is related to the system. No errors in any of the logs. Thanks for your help.

  30. Bev says:

    Hi Frank,

    Check your mail – I have emailed you for more information.


  31. Frank says:

    Thank you Bev for helping me via email. I misunderstood the use of the directories. It is working now. The option page now has (without quotes) “images/iwps/” (images is at the root folder level) and the shortcode has: [wp-imageflow2 dir=jpg-images] where jpg-images is a folder inside “images/iwps/”. So the options page points to where the directories are and the shortcode points to a specific directory in the options directory path. I understand this allows for a nice feature where I could set a different directory in each shortcode on different pages. This is great. Thanks again.

  32. Shane says:

    Love the plugin! Great job. I was going to implement Finns image flow slider gallery into my site but then came across your plugin and it saved me the job.
    Couple of questions though if you dont mind?

    1. How can you start the slideshow at a different image number? I noticed the script is different and doesnt have the startid function.

    2. How do you get rid of the extra space at the top and bottom of the gallery? I have about 150pixel gap at the top and a 50 pixel gap at the bottom.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Shane,

      To start at a specific image you could set this.current to some other value in the refresh function.

      The extra space I see on your version is due to the positioning of the top of the images within the box. I see you have edited your version of imageflowplus.js – this has thrown off the calculation of the top position of the image.

  33. Shane says:

    Thanks Bev.
    You are correct.
    I was trying to make the images appear smaller.
    They were only about 130-150 pixels high to begin with but i think the ratio it is setup on makes it 118% of its original size? Is this correct?
    What would be the recommend method to resize the box and images to be around 130-150pixels high in total?
    Is the part that i edited to do this incorrect? I have reset it anyways back to 118 and 100.

    I couldnt find the refresh settings that you mentioned?

    I thought it would be something to do with this part

    /* Display images in current order */


    this.glideTo(this.current, this.caption_id);


    but i wasnt sure what to change if it was.

    • Bev says:

      Shane, The best approach to resize the carousel is to edit the line:
      var z = Math.sqrt(10000 + x * x) + 100;
      Change the + 100 to adjust the size – bigger numbers result in smaller pictures and vice versa.

      You are in the right place for setting the starting point – just set this.current to some number before this.moveto. This is in the function named “this.refresh”.

      Both of these issues are something I would consider as adding options in future releases.

  34. Shane says:

    Hi Bev,

    Thanks for the quick reply! I changed that line but it still leaves a big gap at the top. The only way i found to remove the gap was to change this line.

    var new_img_top = Math.round((this.images_width * 0.34 - new_img_h) + ((new_img_h / (this.conf_reflection_p + 1)) * this.conf_reflection_p));

    That removes the gap but leaves the cursor down the page with the box still being the same actual size.

    I must be thick because i cant figure out where i add a number to in the refresh section. I tried everywhere i thought it should go and it still remained at the the first pic :P

    • Bev says:

      Shane, I think your problems stem from the large width you have given the gallery. It is trying to stretch the images out to fill the space. What if you dropped the size back down to say 600, put the line in the script back to +100, then centered the div. Then your images don’t look distorted and the space is filled properly.

      As for starting on a different slide, sorry it was more complicated than I first thought. This is what you need:
      /* Display images in current order */
      this.caption_id = 3;
      this.current = this.caption_id * this.xstep * -1;
      this.mem_target = this.current;
      this.glideTo(this.current, this.caption_id);

  35. Marcela says:

    Hi Bev,
    first of all i want to thank you for this awesome plugin. ;)
    I used it on another Site before and it is running smoothly. I allready rated and commented it on wordpress.org. ;)
    But for my personal Blog I have some conflicts with the prototype, or scriptaculous library of my theme, i think. I only get a black box and nothing is showing up in it, when i browse the site through the menu. when i directly load the site in the url, i get the loading bar and then the pics show up correctly, but i cant move the slider and im not able to browse through the gallery.
    I allready tried to get the problem with firebug, but i failed. :(
    Here is my test site:
    Any help apreciated.
    And thanks again for this awesome plugin, hope i can get it running on my private site too. :)

    • Bev says:

      Marcela, Your links look like spam so I deleted them. From your description it sounds like you actually know what the plugin does so I’m at a loss as to whether your post is valid or not. Perhaps you could contact me here for further help.

  36. Marcela says:

    I’m very paranoid due to system failures while testing, this is why i test my private stuff allways on free hosts, since i crashed a whole server when i started. :D
    But i understand, that the domain looks like spam to you. I contact you via the contact formular now. ;)
    and thanks for your help, much apreciated. ;)

  37. Shane says:

    Your suggestions worked great Bev.
    Thank you very much!

  38. Eric says:

    So glad I found this, it’s awesome! Nice job.

    Is there a way to not have the description show up at all?

  39. Peter Mills says:

    Thanks for the great work on this plugin. I noticed the whole carousel justifies to the left of whatever page it displays on and it doesnt matter what I change in the plugin CSS it always floats left. Is this determined somewhere in the javascript. To make it center by default could be a suggestion if you are thinking of another version. Is there a way in which I can center it?
    Thanks again for the great job.

  40. Peter Mills says:

    hi Bev,
    also wondering a couple of other things – there is alot of blank space above the images – I saw this discussed earlier in this thread but the solution wasnt clear. Also how much would be involved in making the images continuously rotate i.e. when you get to the last it is seamlessly followed again by the first and vice versa?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Peter, I took a look at your website and it looks like you resolved your style issues.

      As for a continuous carousel, that is not something I had considered before but I will add it to my list of possible future enhancements.

  41. Eddie says:

    has anyone had problems with reflections on a GoDaddy hosting account? I can’t seem to get it to work but it has worked for me on a Yahoo hosted server. I did click the strict server button as well. Also what does “requires gd” mean in that option? I’m trying to get this to work on http://www.mtssuspension.com under the “MTS Test Track” page. Thanks!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Eddie,
      Good news! I took a look at your test page and tried to generate the path needed for your reflected images. It seems that your host is inserting /mts/ in the paths. So you should have success if you just add “mts” to the beginning of the path you configured in the settings. So instead of just “wp-content/uploads” you need “mts/wp-content/uploads”.

      Also, GD is the name of the PHP package that is used to reflect the images. Your server has it.

      Hope this helps!


  42. Eddie says:

    Hi Bev,
    Thanks for looking into it. I still couldn’t seem to figure it out. I’m using the built in gallery option and then just attaching each image to the page. If I upload the folder to a certain directory maybe that will make a difference? Sorry I’m new to this plugin but I really love it!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Eddie, Yes I would recommend using the subdirectory. It looks like your web host is adding “mts” to the path and that is messing up the built-in version. If you use the subdirectory then you can enter the correct path in the settings.

  43. Raj says:

    Like the plugin! marvelous job,

    i m a beginner of web designing facing a problem,that my images shows 2time each one and also need clear info to get rid of it.


    • Bev says:

      Hi Raj, It looks like you are using images you uploaded to WordPress – so it generates 2 images in 2 sizes. In this case, you should use the shortcode [wp-imageflow2] without specifying a directory and the images attached to that post will be displayed.

  44. Steve says:

    Hi – Thanks so much for this great plugin! I am trying to put the images in a specific order in a sub-directory and if I begin the titles with 1., 2., 3., they display in the correct order but show the file extension in the caption (.jpg). When I delete the file extension, then the images go out of order. I’m wondering how I can get around this – I tried using orderby, but that didn’t seem to work. Thanks so much!


    • Bev says:

      Hi Steve, When using a subdirectory the order displayed is the default order that your server lists them. I am considering a future release that provides sorting but for now if you want a specific order you need to use the built-in gallery.

  45. Chad says:

    Hey. I love the plugin.

    Is there a way to make it auto rotate through the images? If this would take you time to code I would be willing to pay. Let me know.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Chad, Auto rotation would certainly be possible. I will look into it today.

      Thanks for offering for payment – perhaps a donation from my paypal link would make sense?

      UPDATE: Version 1.5.0 now supports both auto-rotation and galleries based on Media Tags (plugin by Paul Menard).

  46. anders says:

    Is there a way for me to place a tag in my footer.php template so that your excellent image flow would be part of it?

    I’m a bit of a novice, but have imageflow2 working in a post, but for my purpose it would be much more usefull to simply have it part of the template….

    Its a website for a small book cafe and it would be a nice way to show a series of images from the shop on every page


    • Bev says:

      Hi Anders, You can insert any shortcode into a template using this enclosed in standard PHP tags:
      echo do_shortcode('[shortcode option1="value1" option2="value2"]');

      So for WP-Imageflow2, just insert something like this:
      echo do_shortcode('[wp-imageflow2 dir="value"]');

  47. Karl says:

    Hi Bev-

    Thanks for the new update–the auto-rotating carousel effect looks great!

    I’ve been trying to narrow down some script conflicts in IE8 and am struggling a bit. I use Justin Tadlock’s sliding panel at the top of my site for login and other stuff, but it’s been stalling or incredibly slow when I click on the tab in IE8. Works like a charm in FF. IE8’s debugging feature notes a “Member not found” error in imageflowplus.js?ver=2.9.2 line 400 character 2. Any idea if this could be the source of my IE8 troubles?

    Any and all advice gratefully accepted!

    Thanks again,

  48. Bev says:

    Hi Karl, That Sliding Panel is pretty cool. I just added it to my test site and tried it with WP-Imageflow2 on the WordPress Default theme. It works fine on IE8. I wonder if your conflict is with something else. I visited your website and didn’t see the error you mentioned but did find that the both the Imageflow gallery and the sliding panel did not work on IE8. Your page has a LOT of javascripts included so there is likely something causing a conflict. WP-Imageflow2 only uses the default WordPress jquery library . Maybe try disabling all your plugins then turn them on one by one.

  49. Karl says:

    Hi Bev. Deactivated all the plugins and noticed some small improvement in IE8, but the outcome for sliding panel was still pretty poor. Just can’t believe the contrast in performance between FF and IE… Frustrating even for a non-developer.

    What are the merits of consolidating scripts and consolidating CSS? Is that doable by a layman, or would that be a foolhardy thing for me to consider?
    Thanks again!

  50. Karl says:

    Oh–BTW–I’ve deactivate sliding panel. Can you see the imageflow gallery in IE8 now?

    • Bev says:

      Karl, I’m not sure if I’m looking in the right place because it looks like sliding panel is enabled. I copied your source, edited it to use the WordPress default theme, and then everything started working nice and smoothly. Your theme is the problem.

  51. Karl says:

    Hi Bev-

    Uh-oh. Thank you for checking this out–I guess I was hoping it was a plugin conflict, but your discovery certainly makes sense of the evidence. Guess I have some tough choices to make since just forgetting about IE doesn’t seem like a viable alternative…

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!


  52. Lou Anne says:

    I am using the subfolder option but would like to link to external pages.

    If I use the media library, how do I select only the files I want in my photo gallery?

    • Bev says:

      Lou Anne, You can use the media library two ways. If you are editing a page or post and upload images, then those images are attached to the post. You can see a “gallery” in the media dialogue area. Then you can enter the shortcode [wp-imageflow2] in the post to insert the imageflow version of the gallery. Another option is to use the Media Tags plugin by Paul Menard to tag some media in the library, then use shortcode [wp-imageflow2 mediatags="tagname"]

  53. anders says:

    Thanks. I didn’t know that…. Very handy.

    Another issue is that the reflection sometimes overlaps the text below the image… I guess it’s because the Z value places it on top of everything else …also the text.

    Can I just change the Z value to place them below the text? Any suggestion?


    • Bev says:

      Anders, The problem is you have 18px of margin on the top of the image. Add something like this to your css:

      .wpif2_images img { margin-top: 0; }

  54. anders says:

    That worked, but in my messing about I seem to have diabled the lightbox functionality…

    Images just won’t pop up, but I have only been messing with the CSS, as far as I know, so is there something in there that might be disabling it?


    • Bev says:

      Anders – You have commented out an imageflow gallery on your page. Since you commented out instance 1 you lost the setup for the Lightbox pop-ups.

  55. anders says:

    Thanks Bev, It works now.
    Why did commenting out an instance have this impact?

    • Bev says:

      Because it never crossed my mind that might happen. ;)
      It is something I will fix in a future release.

      UPDATE: Version 1.5.3 fixes this issue.

  56. anders says:

    Another issues is regarding the scroll bar position. I would like to move it down a bit relative to the image bottom edge and managed to get it to work at one point, but in my messing about I seem to have lost it.

    I imagine its the “.wpif2_scrollbar { margin-top: 50px ;} in the css that controls it, but no matter what value I put in it doesn’t seem to move…

    What am I doing wrong here?

    • Bev says:

      The scrollbar position is adjusted by the script. You could try using !important but I`m not sure if that would override the script or not.

  57. anders says:

    You are a magician…it did!

    I now remember that I copied the margin-top statement from “.wpif2_slider” below and because I didn’t know what it did I deleted it when I tried to ‘clean up’ at get get things going…. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing… ;-)


  58. elaine says:

    Hi there

    I would like to use the Directory option for this plug-in (which is really great, by the way).

    I’ve added the subdirectory: “galleries” to my wp-content folder, and entered that value in the Settings.

    however, it will not show my subdirectory gallery when I hit “save.”

    I am using the “Fire” child theme with the Builder theme, am in WordPress 2.9.2; on a Mac with OS 10.5.8.

    any insight on this would be very helpful!

    Girl Friday

    • Bev says:

      Hi Elaine, Your blog is not installed at the root level, it is under “blog” so you need to use “blog/wp-content/galleries/” in your settings.

  59. elaine says:

    Hi Bev,

    I did try that, too….still the sub-directory does not show up (it still says: “Gallery path doesn’t exitst”)…I’m stumped!

  60. elaine says:


    does it matter if I have images already in my WordPress gallery? I prefer to use the sub-directory option rather than the gallery shortcode.

    additionally, I had attempted to use the gallery shortcode earlier, with the auto-rotation, but that did not work either…it showed the rotation/thumbnails, but they were greyed-out. However, when you clicked on those greyed-out thumbnails, it did show the larger images. I deleted the plug in at that point, and then re-installed it, and tried the other method (sub-directory) with auto-rotation turned off.

    • Bev says:

      Elaine, It doesn’t matter if you have images in the WordPress gallery. I had another person with a similar problem – their server was inserting an extra name into the path and it wasn’t obvious. If you could create a page with the built-in gallery of broken images I could look at it and probably determine the string needed.

  61. elaine says:


    NOW when I use the gallery shortcode…it all works!!
    you can see it here: http://e-girlfriday.com/blog/portfolio
    hmmmmm….perhaps I should just tell you what I would like to happen!

    I have TWO portfolios…a print portfolio, and a web portfolio. I would like a gallery for each one, and ultimately would like both to be on ONE page.

    I THINK the only way to do that is with the sub-directory option. Is that correct??

    or, if I could do it with the short code, how would I accomplish two on one page?

    thank you so much for all your great help!!

    • Bev says:

      Elaine, That’s great you found the correct path.

      You can have 2 galleries on a page using a sub-directory easily. You can also use the built-in WordPress media library. One possible way is to make a dummy post, give it a gallery, then link to that gallery from another page by specifying id=postid in the shortcode. For example, if the dummy page has id 14 use [wp-imageflow2 id=14] on whatever page you want the gallery to appear. Another possibility is to install the Media Tags plugin by Paul Menard. Then you can add a tag to the images in your media library, and select the desired photos by tagname, for example [wp-imageflow2 mediatag=tagname].

  62. Liz says:

    I was able to insert two different galleries into a page using your plugin and Paul Menard’s media tags. Everything looks fine except the second gallery does not scroll through the images (the first one does though). In the 2nd gallery, I can see the images, click on them and get larger images. But I can’t grab the button on the bottom and pull it to the right over the line.

    Any ideas?

    • Bev says:

      Liz – you’re right – dragging the button doesn’t work on the second gallery. You should find that clicking the images and scrolling the mouse wheel does work, but the dragging doesn’t. I will fix it today!

      UPDATE – Version 1.5.3 contains a fix to this problem.

  63. mynikon says:

    Hi, sorry but I have problem with rotation in IE 8 (8.6001.18702) it does not work still, see link please:
    you have some idea which is cause ? perfect plugin !

  64. mynikon says:

    with Opera 10.53 not work also, dont open photos, hung up …

    • Bev says:

      Hi Mynikon, I found a conflict on your website and sent you an update script with a correction. If it works I will make a new release with this simple fix.

      UPDATE: I went ahead and made the release (1.5.4) since this is a small, simple fix. The conflict is unlikely to occur for most people but I wanted it fixed before the weekend.

  65. mynikon says:

    Thank You, I check morning and send message for You :)

  66. mynikon says:

    I update 1.5.4 version and send for your in email still error code IE and Opera, thank you for your answer, I wait for new update :)

    • Bev says:

      I received a message from mynikon this morning stating it is working. Just for the record, the remaining IE & Opera errors are not from this plugin.

  67. mynikom says:

    I check in IE7, IE8, Opera, Apple Safari, Firefox, Goggle Chrome … for me looks ok ! thanks Bev

  68. David says:

    Thanks for tipping Elaine on 5-7 about the root path. I was having the same problem (“Gallery path doesn’t exist”) using an internal setup (MAMP) and had to use wordpress/wp-content/gallery/ to make mine work.

    Going to add this to my site redesign. Tested it out and it’s nice! Definitely going to use the sub-directories for portfolio reasons.

    Nice job, Bev!

  69. David says:

    I’m having good success getting this to work. Thanks for the top about Media Tags. Excellent!

    But I’d like to shorten the window a bit. There’s a lot of space above the rotating images and I’d like it closer to my navigation and content. What CSS settings do I need to change? I’ve tried several and I’m not getting any changes. The settings panel allows for width changes in the dashboard. How about a height setting?


    • Bev says:

      Hi David, The script tries to fill in the space in a balanced manner, so with a larger width you are ending up with excess space on the top. In your case your images have 59px of space on the top. You can either try a narrower width, or you can style this away using this:
      .wpif2_images img {margin-top:-59px !important;}

      Adding a height setting is on my list as a possible future enhancement (along with a lot of other things)!

  70. David says:

    Thanks! That CSS edit did move the window up in my page, but it left the caption and slider in it’s original spot. But, I figured out that I could add another similar line of code for the caption block:

    .wpif2_captions {margin-top:-50px !important;}

    …and that moved the caption closer to the picture, as well as the slider bar.

    I did use your code suggestion to figure out how to force a height on the overall block, too:

    .wpif2_imageflow {height:300px !important;}

    The results are exactly was I wanted. I’ll have to make sure I keep a copy of this CSS in another file so that I don’t lose when you upgrade the plug-in!

  71. DesignFlute says:

    hi Bev,
    many thanks for this beautiful plugin!
    I have one question and one information to share!

    I wanted to use this plugin in footer. Being a non-techie I did not want ‘short code in the template’ method. so I created a slide show in a page and tried putting it in footer via super post and page plugin.It picked up the 1st post on every pages instead;creating a diff. show on each page.
    After going through your solutions here I created a test page and put the id of that page with shortcode onto another page. this new page was put in super post widget works perfectly!

    Question:I want slide show to start with say image no.7 and I tried the code (in imageflowplus.js) you have given here in comment page 6, everything goes blank.
    If you can help my footer will look perfect!
    Thanks again.

    • Bev says:

      Thanks for sharing.

      Since choosing a starting point is such a popular feature, I will try to release a version today that will handle this.

      Stay tuned!

      UPDATE – Version 1.6.0 introduces many new features, one of which is a starting slide number.

  72. DesignFlute says:

    Thanks a ton Bev!
    for such amazing and quick work!

    startimg option works perfectly.
    5 stars for you!

  73. Raphael says:

    hi. how insert code in php template for a imageflow gallery?

    • Bev says:

      You can insert any shortcode into a template using the following (enclosed in standard PHP tags):
      echo do_shortcode('[shortcode option1="value1" option2="value2"]');
      So for WP-Imageflow2, just insert something like this:
      echo do_shortcode('[wp-imageflow2 dir="value"]');

  74. Raphael says:

    Thanks! the shortcode is great.

    Now, you can example of the options (startimg ) in shortcode

  75. Raphael says:

    sorry, but de plugin stay in load images when f5 (refresh) in IE. In FF, chrome e opera that’s ok.

  76. Raphael says:

    sorry, i again. :D
    how link of the image open in _self, because open only in _blank.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Raphael,

      If you want to start with image 5 in the center, use the shortcode with option startimg=5.
      [wp-imageflow2 startimg=5]

      To open the link to an external url in the same window, you can edit imageflowplus.js, and replace the 2 references of:
      window.open (this.url);
      window.location = this.url;

      I will likely make this an option in the future.

      Are you still having loading issues in IE? I would need to see the page to provide any help on that.

  77. rubberduck says:

    Hi! I have a problem with pictures not loading. Is there a limit to how big an image can be (2M)? I get the right picture when I click it but it doesn’t load in the slider. I have checked the “Check this box if your server is strict and serves a 404 error on reflected images” to see if that made any difference but the images will still not load.

    • Bev says:

      Rubberduck, There is no size limit. Do you see the images if you turn off reflections? Without seeing the page I can’t really determine what is wrong in your setup.

  78. rubberduck says:

    Thanks! That did the trick. Thanks

  79. tailwind says:

    I am trying your plugin and it seemed to work for a number of posts, but on the last (most recent) post, I am getting the following error:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; Tablet PC 2.0; InfoPath.3; MS-RTC LM 8; .NET4.0C)
    Timestamp: Mon, 17 May 2010 22:00:52 UTC

    Message: Invalid argument.
    Line: 134
    Char: 3
    Code: 0
    URI: http://cyclingtowardthelight.com/cttlblog/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/js/imageflowplus.js?ver=5621

    The plugin just displays a “Loading Image” message in the most recent post. All other earlier posts are fine.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Tailwind, Looks like you found a bug when the gallery has only one image and auto-rotate is enabled. This is now fixed in version 1.6.2!

  80. tailwind says:

    Thanks for the quick fix!! How long do you think that it will take for WordPress to have this update available?

    Thanks again.

  81. tailwind says:

    It works– thanks!

  82. Alex says:

    Hi Bev,

    I seem to have the same issue as rubberduck with the images not loading in the slider with reflections on, but they work just fine when I turn it off. Is there a reason for this because I have a slider loaded on one of my posts and the reflections worked beautifully.


    • Bev says:

      Hi Alex, If you have another plugin with reflections, it’s possible there is a conflict between the reflection scripts. I could investigate if I could see a sample page with reflections turned on.

  83. Koli says:

    Hi,External URL in a new window, but the possibility of opening in same window?
    thank you

    • Bev says:

      To open the link to an external url in the same window, you can edit imageflowplus.js, and replace the 2 references of:
      window.open (this.url);
      window.location = this.url;
      I will likely make this an option in the future.

  84. Matt says:


    What if I set it up so that it loaded with the 3rd of six images so it was fairly symmetrical. How would I get the images to be style.center rather than style.left or style.right? I know there’s no tag for it… but is there a way? I’d like whatever image is in the foreground to be in the center of the image to the left and right. How do I do this?

  85. Matt says:

    Also, is there any way I can use transparent ping files?

  86. Bev says:

    Matt, You can set it to start with image 3 in the center by using the startimg=3 option in the shortcode.

    The script supports jpg, gif, and png images. You can use a transparent png but my experience shows the transparency ends up black in the carousel when using reflections.

  87. Matt says:

    Thanks, bev. Also… when I set the image as center…. the center image is close the left side than it is the right. Is there any way I can fix this? Thanks :-)

    • Bev says:

      There must be a styling issue with your theme. If you send me a link I can take a quick look.

  88. Koli says:

    I have installed plugins media tags, but using [wp-imageflow2 mediatags=mobil]
    nothing is displayed.

    Thank you very much

    • Bev says:

      Your reflections might be blocked. Try using the strict setting, if that doesn’t help try turning off reflections.

  89. Koli says:

    does not help

  90. Koli says:

    Test site removed
    Thank you very much

    • Bev says:

      Got it – you need to use ’mediatag=mobil’ rather than the plural ’mediatags’.

      Sorry about any confusion!

  91. kim says:

    hi…love the look of your plugin but am a total newbie. how and where do i put the code? sorry, need a bit of detail to get me going here. thanks!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Kim,

      You can install plugins easily using your WordPress dashboard. Under the Plugins heading find “Add new”. From there you can search for the plugin and follow the steps to install the code. Then you must activate the plugin. After that follow the instructions on this page to set up your gallery.

  92. kim says:

    got all that stuff, it’s what to do with the “shortcode” that I’m not following…what is shortcode? eek! and where does it go…just in the editor?

    thanks for your patience!

  93. Chris says:

    I was wondering how to “center” [wp-imageflow2]? By default it is aligning it to the left. I tried center it through the code and using the center tab in the WP Visual/HTML editor for the specific Page but it did not work?

    • Mikael says:

      How did you manage to center the imageflow2

      • Bev says:

        My example on this page is actually left justified, not centered.

        You can control the positioning by using CSS on the “wpif2_imageflow” class. It depends on your theme, but usually something like margin: 0 auto; will do it.

  94. Chris says:

    Hey, I figured it out..for anyone else who may need it solution here it is..[wp-imageflow2]

    By the way, Thanks for the plugin its easy to use and looks great!

  95. Pius says:

    Thanks for this great plugin! I was wondering if I could add a custom URL to the images in the folder-based gallery. I know you can use the description field to add a target URL with the built-in image library. I’m trying to use this in a WordPress template.

    Thank you.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Pius, Sorry but the URL link is only supported on the built-in image library. There is no way to configure a link to each image in a folder gallery at this time.

  96. Pius says:

    No problem. That was what I thought.

  97. I love the look of this plugin but I’m at a loss! I’ve created a folder called galleries in my wp-content. Then I created a subfolder called websites and uploaded my images to that. I changed the path in my admin section to the entire URL and I entered the shortcode [wp-imageflow2 dir=websites] on my portfolio page that I wanted this plugin to appear on. I have nothing appearing on my page. Am I missing something?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Christina, It sounds like you are doing the right thing. When you look on the settings page you should see a list of the directories it found below the settings. If no galleries were found there may be something wrong with your path. If your WordPress install is not at the root level you do need to include that in your path, for example it might be something like “myblog/wp-content/galleries/”.

  98. Terence says:

    Hi there, is there a way to change the color of the photo description text? on my site it’s light gray on white background so its hard to read.


    • Bev says:

      Hi Terence, For the photo captions in the slider you can configure the text colour using the settings page in the dashboard. If you mean the text in the pop up window description, you can format the id #wpif2_topboxcaption for the title and #wpif2_topboxcaption p for the text in your css file.

      Hope this helps

  99. drew says:

    Is it possible to use this plugin with nextgen gallery? I don’t like the current version of the wordpress plugin that is supposed to do that.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Drew, I have not used nextgen gallery myself. I suppose if it stored all the images in one directory you could configure that directory as the WP-IMAGEFLOW2 directory of images.

  100. Marie-Jo Jones says:


    Great work, lovely plugin. Just used it on the updated version of a website I build in my spare time for a visually-impaired sculptor friend of mine.
    Worked 1st time, I’m delighted.

    As soon as I return home and this new version is accepted, will make sure you get some Paypal reward.

    It’s my first WordPress site so I’m learning as I go along, including template customization (used the great Thematic theme).
    Wonder which lightbox you’re using ‘cos I’d like to use the same for the single images display in full. Right now, when zoomed (as in the homepage http://favrodsculpture.com/favrod_wp02/) they show up in an unstyled page and don’t make a pretty sight.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Marie-Jo, I am happy to hear the plugin is working out well for you. I wrote a custom lightbox preview for this plugin since I couldn’t find one that did what I wanted. It only acts on images inside a WP-Imageflow2 gallery at this time.

  101. Lisa Raymond says:

    Bev, quick question: is it possible to upload new images into the existing gallery w/o having to redo the entire gallery? Hope that makes sense. Great plug-in, thanks!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Lisa, Sure you can add photos to your album. The album will include the new images you upload to a sub-directory, or add to your post gallery depending on the method you use. Either way new photos will be included.


  102. Peter says:

    Hi Bev

    I am an old curmudgeon (66) getting my first taste of WordPress. Your plugin is exceptional. I hope I am not repeating another question.

    2 small things, I notice that the image descriptions include “.jpg”

    also, a subdirectory called “wp-imageflow2 dir=Thumbs.db” is shown as a subdirectory in the setup. This sub directory name is cycled with the jpegs.

    Something I am doing wrong !!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Peter, If you want the image description to be something other than the filename you can use the alternate, built-in gallery and enter whatever description you like.

      I suspect you have your directory path wrong if you are seeing lists of jpgs in the settings, you probably have one level too many.

      Hope this helps!

  103. Peter says:

    Hi Bev

    Thanks very much for that but I think my question was not too clear.

    I am not seeing jpegs in the settings, I am seeing a directory that doesn’t seem to exist namely wp-imageflow2 dir=Thumbs.db in the settings. Also the directory name pops up as a blank image at the end of the cycle when viewing the gallery.

    Regarding the images – I have an image ‘garden’ which happens to be a jpeg and the image title is appearing as ‘garden.jpg’ not simply ‘garden’. Also when I click on the image the title ‘garden.jpeg appears twice.

    I hope this helps.

    • Bev says:

      Peter, Can you delete thumbs.db from the directory? The script displays all files it finds in the gallery, so you want to remove that file.

      To prevent the title appearing twice in the lightbox, you could add #wpif2_topboxcaption p {display:none;} to your css. The title will still display as the full filename. Perhaps in the future I could add an option to strip off the jpg. For now, to prevent it you would need to use the built-in gallery method.

  104. Alan Gibson says:

    Here is a quick hack to add a traditional template tag for WP-ImageFlow2. Just add this to your templates functions.php file.

    * Create a template tag for WP-ImageFlow2.
    * Argument $args is an array of any key/value combo you can pass to the shortcode.
    * You can also use [code]echo do_shortcode(‘[wp-imageflow2 option1="value1" option2="value2"]‘);[/code].
    function the_wp_imageflow2($args = array()) {
    $wpimageflow2 = new WPImageFlow2();
    echo $wpimageflow2->flow_func($args);

    Then call the function in your template anywhere inside the Loop with:

  105. Alan Gibson says:

    Sorry, the last line of my post was eaten because I included php tags.

    Then call the function in your template anywhere inside the Loop with:

    [open php tag] the_wp_imageflow2() [close php tag]

  106. Peter says:

    Thank you very much Bev. Looking good. Very neat slide presentation, thank you.

  107. David says:

    Hi, Bev, and thanks for developing this plugin. We are new to this. Even my teenagers cannot get the WP Image flow to show up on the WordPress page. We have created a folder, uploaded 5 photos, and they all show up as subdirectory galleries under ‘settings’, which as you indicate means our directory URL is correct – it is http://www.botanicgardenapartment.com/wp-content/galleries/outsideshots/
    The question is: are we pasting the correct letters to the page where we want the widget to show up – we are putting [wp-imageflow2 dir=outsideshots] We have tried pasting to the HTML and to the visual pages, with and without trailing slashes etc etc…
    Many thanks for your guidance.
    David & Sons, Australia…

    • Bev says:

      Hi David & Sons, Your gallery path should be “http://www.botanicgardenapartment.com/wp-content/galleries/” then your settings page should list [wp-imageflow2 dir=outsideshots] under galleries found. Copy this shortcode to your page or post. Hope this helps!

  108. David says:

    Bev, thanks for the feedback. I was able to upload it this time – as it turns out my son has now got Flash on his new school laptop (issued today) so he wants to do his own thing with the photos for the site… Better let him play!
    Thanks for the look-see. I will add to the positive feedback at the site.

  109. Peter says:

    Hi Bev

    Just wanted to mention that I followed your advice and the plugin is working very well. It looks excellent, thank you.

  110. I’m trying to use ImageFlow2 with a gallery managed by the NextGen Gallery Plugin. Everything is working fine except the last item displayed in the flow is “thumbs.db” – a hidden/system file created by NextGen. This file can not be deleted, but it IS hidden.

    Is there any way to either have ImageFlow2:
    1) Ignore hidden files
    2) Ignore specific files (such as: thumbs.db)


  111. OK… MY bad… Thumbs.DB was created by Windows Explorer – when I had Image preview on… I WAS able to delete it…

    But Hidden files still should not be shown :P

  112. Peter Hall says:

    Hi Bev

    I have installed your plugin at localhost for testing and it runs beautifully. It is very impressive.

    However when I upload to my hosting site the galleries do not show up.

    Below is an extract from the plugin edit –

    Subdirectory galleries found: [wp-imageflow2 dir=wp-content-galleries-gill]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=wp-content-galleries-subfolder]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=wp-content-galleries-shaun]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=wp-content-galleries-corrie]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=wp-content-galleries-stephen]

    I have coded into the relevant pages as follows –
    our ‘gallery’ page – [wp-imageflow2 dir=wp-content-galleries-subfolder]

    and the ‘friends’ page as foloows – [wp-imageflow2 dir=wp-content-galleries-corrie] and the other 3 occurences of gallery.

    The folders are set up exactly the same in both sites both localhost and live.

    What am I doing wrong please ? I want to get it to work as I think it is very impressive plugin.

    • Bev says:

      Peter – Your web host must have different configuration. Do you get broken images in the gallery? If you right click on the reflected gallery broken image and open in a new window you may be able to get an error message to help determine the problem.

  113. Its run for me. Very good, but I´m trying to decrease general height, and I can´t. Now, my box with image flow has in height, 450px. I want 350px. I try to change something in screen.css, in javascript and in my css theme, but nothing change it, how can I do this?

    Thanks a lot!

  114. I cant put in 350px, but the images stay in the same place and reflect images stays out of box of “image-flow” and make problems to my layout. Put others things out of place. I can put image a little more to top, changing this line “Math.round((this.images_width * 0.27 – new_img_h)”, but the problems continues in the bottom. How can I really put all in 350px without anything out of this space?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    • Bev says:

      Carlos – As you have found, the script calculates the reflected image size and position. Your best option is to reduce the width until you get your desired height.

  115. Peter Hall says:

    I am embarrassed. I have included the / after wp-content-galleries in the live version and it works. Rule number one, follow the instructions. I apologise for wasting your time.

  116. Antony says:

    Looks like a great plugin – my only issue so far is that I can’t add descriptive text AND a hyperlink to a post. Also, if I do enable the links option there doesn’t seem to be an option to determine where the post opens up – it defaults to a new tab.
    Please let me know if these could be easily adapted by either myself (I’ve done a bit of php and wordpress dev) or your good selves.
    Many thanks (and thanks for the plugin).

    • Bev says:

      Hi Antony, There is no way to display a description for an image that links to an external url.

      To open the link to an external url in the same window, you can edit imageflowplus.js, and replace the 2 references of:
      window.open (this.url);

      window.location = this.url;

  117. Karl says:

    Hi Bev-
    I apologize for what might seem like an odd question-is there any way to have the larger lightbox image appear when the carousel image is selected (as it does now) AND THEN permit a click-through from that lightbox image to a post? I’m imagining something like a small link placed in the image somewhat like an image map…

    I know clicking on the left or right half of the lightbox image controls forward/back functionality, but I was curious if there might be some way for me to embed a link?


  118. Karl says:

    Thanks Bev–thought it was worth asking!

  119. Adrian says:

    Very handsome plugin! Will it run on WP 2.7?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Adrian, You definitely need at least 2.5, but I haven’t tried 2.7 so it might work. I do use the most advanced WP practices and 2.8.4 was the earliest I tested on.

  120. Jules says:

    I was checking out your plugin and found that the images end up stacked, larger than the thumb and smaller than the actual image. If I open firebug or maximize/restore down my browser window they will finally fall in to place. Kinda weird huh? Can’t seem to pinpoint why. What do you think?

  121. Oli says:

    Hi Bev,

    Firstly, tanks for a great plug-in!

    I’m having some issues displaying some of the galleries. I’m using NextGEN to create the folders with images – wp-content/gallery/ as standard. However, with some galleries, all I get is a small band with a question mark on the carousel – once you click on the images they display fine.

    Do you know why this might be? Is it a height/width issue. It only appears on some of the images – although all are resized to 700px width before I add them.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



  122. Oli says:

    Hi Bev,

    I just figured out what the problem was – some of my image filenames had the wrong characters in – ( , – etc. I removed them and now all is good.

    On another question, is there a way to remove both captions from the Lightbox when clicked? I have added a line in my css to remove one, but ideally not like to see any filename there.



    • Bev says:

      Hi Oli, I’m glad you resolved your image name issue. I plan to make a new release to address the issue of double titles in the near future.

  123. Yos says:

    Hi Bev,

    I am a bit new to WordPress customization and I was wondering how I can center my Wp-Imageflow2 gallery on the page? When I search the templates, I am finding center in a number of locations and I can’t seem to find on that centers the entire gallery on the page. Can you help? Thanks and thanks for a terrific plugin!


    • Bev says:

      Hi Yos, Centering your gallery really depends on your theme. You likely need to add css to center the class “wpif2_imageflow” to your theme’s style.css

  124. Mike says:

    I love your plugin. I wanted to see how I could put multiple galleries on one page? I want to have a page with each month having it’s own gallery. I can only get this code to work: [wp-imageflow2] I can’t get the: [wp-imageflow2 dir=FOLDERNAME] code to work. The subfolders path is: wp-content/galleries/August2010 so I tried putting this path on the plugin info on WP and putting the code: [wp-imageflow2 dir=August2010]on the page but it won’t work. Thanks for your help.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Mike. Your settings page should have “wp-content/galleries/”. The plugin will then find all directories below there and list them for you on the settings page.

  125. Mark says:

    This is by far my favorite imageflow plugin, thanks!!

    There is just one problem that I have, when the topbox is displayed there are 2 image file titles below the images.

    Is it at all possible to remove the text all together?

    I have used your method to remove the caption text on the imageflow, but when I tried the topbox method I had no luck in changing the problem.

    Thanks again.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Mark, I have just checked in a new version of the plugin that fixes this problem. Please try version 1.6.3.

  126. Herbert says:

    Hello Bev,
    just installed your plugin, works fine.

    Is there a way to make the images display larger when you click them? A display size of 600 px would be great.

    Regards, Herbert

    • Bev says:

      Hi Herbert. When you click on the image it displays the lightbox in the large size that you uploaded. It will not stretch images larger but will shrink them if they don’t fit on the screen.

  127. Herbert says:

    Bev, the images I uploaded are 1000 px wide. They show up as approx 300 px in the lightbox. I guess I’m doing something wrong.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Herbert. It looks like your images are returning a rather small size for the “large” version of the image. You can edit your copy of wp-imageflow2.php by finding this line:
      $image_large = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, "large");

      and change it to:
      $image_large = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, "full");
      you may get your larger size image. Hope this helps.

  128. Herbert says:

    Bev: I see where you getting at. On my site an image defaults to 400 px (“large”), which is the column width on the home page.
    I will give it a shot, it should do the trick.

  129. Herbert says:

    Bev, it’s solved, thanks.

  130. Oli says:

    Hi Bev,

    Following on from Mark’s question.. is it possible to remove the captions completely?

    Thanks again for a great plug-in!

  131. Oli says:

    …also, is it possible to make the carousel images larger?! Thanks!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Oli,

      The only way to remove the captions completely is to use CSS to style them away.

      The carousel image size is scaled according to the width of the space. So increasing the width in the settings will increase the carousel size.

  132. Oli says:

    Thanks Bev. Do you happen to know where this might reside in the CSS code? Thanks!

  133. Stadler Form says:


    Strangely when installing the plugin on a bilingual website the Settings page is missing. The site is using qTranslate, and WPML Multilingual plugins to handle the languages. We have searched all over the Admin pages but no luck finding it. Any suggestions to the cause?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Stadler Form

      You should find the page under the “Settings” tab in the dashboard. I tried installing both qTranslate and WPML Multilingual and my WP-Imageflow2 settings were still there. I would suggest deactivating plugins one by one or trying another theme on a test version of your website.

  134. Ashley says:

    I am having an issue with the images. They were showing just fine for about a week but somehow now they are gone. I have not updated or changed anything on the site and have not added any new plugins.

    I can’t figure out why this is happening. Can you help me out?


    • Bev says:

      Something must have changed on your server. I took a look and see the reflected images not showing up, but the script seems to be working. It almost like the permission on the gallery directory does not allow write access. The script generates the reflected image and saves it in the directory – your reflected images are getting 404 errors so they don`t appear to be generated.

  135. jan says:


    My problem is that I won’t get the imageflow at all. The plugin only generates the following code, but not more.. What can I do?

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    var imageflow2_1 = new imageflowplus(1);
    imageflow2_1.init( {conf_autorotate: “on”, conf_autorotatepause: 3000, conf_startimg: 1} );

  136. jan says:


    My problem is that I won’t get the imageflow at all. The plugin only generates the following code, but not more.. What can I do?

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    var imageflow2_1 = new imageflowplus(1);
    imageflow2_1.init( {conf_autorotate: “on”, conf_autorotatepause: 3000, conf_startimg: 1} );

  137. jan says:


    My problem is that I won’t get the imageflow at all. The plugin only generates the following code, but not more.. What can I do?

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    var imageflow2_1 = new imageflowplus(1);
    imageflow2_1.init( {conf_autorotate: “on”, conf_autorotatepause: 3000, conf_startimg: 1} );

  138. jan says:


    My problem is that I won’t get the imageflow at all. The plugin only generates the following code, but not more.. What can I do?

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    var imageflow2_1 = new imageflowplus(1);
    imageflow2_1.init( {conf_autorotate: “on”, conf_autorotatepause: 3000, conf_startimg: 1} );

  139. jan says:


    My problem is that I won’t get the imageflow at all. The plugin only generates the following code, but not more.. What can I do?

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    var imageflow2_1 = new imageflowplus(1);
    imageflow2_1.init( {conf_autorotate: “on”, conf_autorotatepause: 3000, conf_startimg: 1} );

  140. jan says:

    I’m sorry, my pc didn’t work well, but I can’t delete my double messages…

  141. Ralf says:


    many thx for your plugin. At the moment i have installed the gallerie as a sticky post with code [wp-imageflow2 dir=subfolder]. But i really want it to have above the first post in my template. So can you provide me with the php code i have to use?

    Thank you very much!!!

    • Bev says:

      Ralf, to insert a gallery within the template code, use something like this in php:
      echo do_shortcode('[wp-imageflow2 dir="subfolder"]');

  142. Ralf says:

    Great!! Thanky you!

  143. Ralf says:

    Bev, just made a donation for your plugin. Would be nice, if you could help me out. Just installed it on my other homepage, but it says: “wrong path” … could you have a look on this? Tried so many pathes…

    • Bev says:

      Hi Ralf,

      Thanks for the donation – it is greatly appreciated!

      I will email you for more information on your path problems.


  144. bert says:

    hi…can you help? i want to use your plugin. I have installed and place this code on my template but it wont show up the images. It show up the code instead.
    echo do_shortcode(‘[wp-imageflow2 dir=10]‘);

    hope to get a reply to my email.thanks, this is very nice gallery.

  145. Konstantin says:

    Hi! I have a problem with this plugin as well. I have installed the plugin, placed shortcode [wp-imageflow2 dir=FOLDERNAME] on my page(and of course i replaced FOLDERNAME with my folder). Nothing happens.
    I put php shortcode on the page then and still had the same result. Could you please help me?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Konstantin, When using a folder of images to produce your gallery you must set the path on the settings page. Once the path is entered you will see a list of shortcodes on the settings page showing all the folders it found. This is the easiest way to confirm that the path is working properly. If you are not seeing the list then try some alternate formats for the path.

  146. Konstantin says:

    I did as you said. I saw the list of shortcodes. Actually i have the same problem with nextgen-imageflow plugin. Nevertheless I managed to install pure imageflow on my page. I think the problem is compatibility with the latest worpress version.
    Have you checked the plugin on WordPress 3.0.1 ?

    • Bev says:

      I have tested my plugin with 3.0.1 and it works for me. There must be a conflict with your theme or another plugin.

  147. cass_ says:

    I fallowed the steps for subfolders, in the settings page won’t list the subfolders.. why?

    • Bev says:

      If there are no subfolders listed then there is a problem in the path you entered. Make sure there is a trailing slash. Make sure you have entered the full path from the root level.

  148. cass_ says:

    well.. thankyou for the quick answer.. i’ve tried all this:

    all possibles ways i can imagine.. and still wont show any of the subfolder/s :s

  149. Ralf says:


    pls help me again. I now installed your plugin on http://www.motodino.de (remember?). But how (pls provide me with exact code) can i get the backgroundcolor of my blog as plugin bgcolor(#494441)??

    Thank you again

    • Bev says:

      Hi Ralf, On the settings page the first setting is “background color” – simply set this to #494441. Then I suggest you set the text color to #ffffff and the slider color to white.

  150. Ralf says:


    done that, but doesn’t help. I run this plugin with code in the template index.php . So i think i have to modify that code?

    Thanks a lot!

  151. Ralf says:


    my fault. Works great now. Thank you for this plugin!!


  152. Ivan says:

    Cool plugin, but one Question.

    Can you please tell me how to order the pictures alphabetic ?

    Tnx in advance

    // Ivan

    • Bev says:

      Ivan, if you are using the WordPress gallery attached to the post you can use the “orderby” option to order your images by title. Hope this helps.

  153. Ivan says:

    Thank you – Really a nice plugin :-)

    Best regards

  154. Mathias says:


    I have tested the plug-in – nice so far.

    But how can i integrate specific alt-tag (titles) of each picture from a serie?

    Thanks in advance

    • Bev says:

      The only way to specify titles, etc for images is to use the WordPress media library for images attached to your post/page. If you are using a subdirectory full of images there is no way to configure titles at this time.

  155. Mathias says:

    Hi Bev

    Thank you for your answer. Nice work.

    Many regards

  156. Jeremy says:


    Thanks for the plugin, however I can’t seem to get it to show on my website after I have followed your instructions and put the short code on the page.

    Could you please shed some light?



  157. Bev says:

    Jeremy, I see the script is properly in place on the page but there is no image list. If you are using the WordPress media library you need to attach images to the post. If you are using a subdirectory you must make sure the directory path is configured correctly in the settings page.

  158. Jeremy says:

    Hi Bev,

    The directory path is configured as per the instructions. It shows up as:
    Subdirectory galleries found:
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=Comfortably Numb 2.jpg]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=Industrial Disease 1.jpg]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=Whistler Bike Park 1.jpg]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=Whistler Bike Park 2.jpg]

    However I am not sure if this is what could have been an issue. There was no galleries folder in wp-content so I put the folder as this:

    Could this be causing a problem?



    • Bev says:

      Jeremy you don’t have your directory path set correctly. The way you have it now should be set to http://www.pinnitmtbtours.com/wp-content/uploads/ so that it finds [wp-imageflow2 dir=Whistlerphotos]. However, I would suggest you create a galleries folder below uploads and move the Whistlerphotos directory under galleries. This will keep the photos separate from other uploads.

  159. Jeremy says:

    Hi Bev,

    Thank you for that. It is working now. Is there anyway to get rid of the black box outline?

    Thanks for the great plugin.



    • Bev says:

      You can change the colours on the settings page. If you don’t want a black box set the background colour to your choice. If you choose white you should use black for the slider so it shows up.

  160. Jeremy says:

    Thanks again,


  161. Dan says:

    Does the plugin support any of the other options available in Finn’s project (e.g., buttons: true, circular: true)?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Dan,
      My plugin is based on version 0.9 of the ImageFlow script, so it does not support any features which were added later.

  162. Dan says:

    I noticed that transparent areas of the images are replaced by a solid color. For example, I have rounded corner PNG images and the corners are filled in with black in the carrousel images. Any way to turn that off?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Dan,
      This plugin uses version 2 of CorePHP’s Easy Reflection script which does not maintain transparency on the reflection. However, version 3 does support transparency. You could try replacing the reflect.php script with version 3.


      • Marinho says:

        Hi Bev, does this work with png ? i changed the reflect script for v3, but now no images appear, when i try to check the url for the reflect i get :
        \”Cannot find or read source image”

        any ideas? thanks

        • Bev says:

          Hi Marinho, The script does support PNG. The problem is that I customized the reflect.php script to work with this plugin, so updating to V3 broke it.

  163. Dan says:

    Thanks for the great support! I’ve been unable to accomplish having images ling to specific pages. I tried putting a link inside the description but the lightbox navigation mechanism overlays my link.

    So, I tried this: “Check this box to have the built in gallery use the description field as an external link from the image thumbnail.” in the settings to just skip the lightbox. I get a 404 error now just trying to load my page no matter what I put in the gallery image description.

    Can you flesh out this feature more for me? What format does the description URL take? It doesn’t seem to ignore blank ones either.


  164. Dan says:

    nm previous post. Turned out to be a goofy WordPress behavior. Somehow it started not allowing page views that required admin access. Logging out and back in fixed the problem.

    It’s working great now!
    Sorry again for previous post.

  165. Me says:

    i keep getting this error message on the imageflow settings page that won’t let me access the settings

    ‘Fatal error: Class ‘CheckPlugin’ not found in /home/content/49/6976249/html/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-imageflow/admin/admin.php on line 47′ can someone please help me? thanks

  166. amol says:

    Please explain me how to add external link and image title..

  167. amol says:

    with proper way…….

    • Bev says:


      You must first check the option “Check this box to have the built in gallery use the description field as an external link from the image thumbnail.” in the settings page.

      Upload images to your post/page or attach existing media to the page. Then enter the link URL in the description field of the image (as http://www.website.com). The image title is entered in the title field.

  168. Dan says:

    I’m trying to modify imageflow.js to NOT have mouseclicks open pages in a new window/tab. I found this post but it doesn’t seem to match the code: “To open the link to an external url in the same window, you can edit imageflowplus.js, and replace the 2 references of:
    window.open (this.url);
    window.location = this.url;”

    There isn’t an imageflowplus.js file, just imageflow.js. Any ideas?

    • Bev says:

      Dan, the WP-Imageflow2 plugin uses imageflowplus.js, which is an updated version of the imageflow.js script to support opening images in an external url and a lightbox gallery. The first few versions of this plugin used a script named imageflow.js with the window.open changes, but I renamed it once I added the lightbox effect. If you are using an old version of the plugin you should still be able to find the window.open statements in the script.

  169. iwill says:

    Hello, i want to make an image flow gallery that strteches about 900px across the whole page, but the problem is that you can change the width but you cant change the height so when i do change the width in the settings that height gets exponentially big! i want the height to be very small (just about as small as the one on this demo) but the widgth to be long so i can have alot of pictures. Can someone please help me with this?

  170. iwill says:

    i also wanted to ask, “how do you center the imageflow on the page, i don’t want it left justified”?

    • Bev says:

      Hi iwill,

      To center the gallery you can add this to your theme’s CSS:
      .wpif2_imageflow { margin: 0 auto; }

      Sorry but there is no way to increase the width without the corresponding height adjustment at this time.

  171. yolko says:

    I just installed this fantastic plugin with
    nextgen image gallery,
    with nextgen gallery I have no problem but
    PHP image flow gives me error message:
    ‘Fatal error: Class’ CheckPlugin’not found in
    / home/content/a5550689/public_html/wp-
    content / plugins / nextgen-ImageFlow / admin / admin.php on
    line 47 ‘

    Bev says:
    December 19, 2010 at 24:22
    That error is coming from the nextgen-ImageFlow plugin
    Not from WP-Imageflow2.
    but …. how I can fix it?
    thanks in advance

  172. Michelle says:

    This plug-in looks very slick, but at the moment it doesn’t appear possible to use this to display _all_ sub-directories in a sub-directory?

    I have my uploads set to the generic “create month and year” folders, so within the folder 2010, there is a folder for each month — likewise with 2009, 2008, etc. Which means nothing shows up, as I understand the plug-in to be currently set up (I just did a quick trial run to make sure I’m speaking the truth).

    What I’d be interested in using this plug-in for is to create a slider to view all photos from the photoblog ever uploaded — an overall “browse” for my archives page. That would mean I’d have to include multiple year sub-directories (it appears you have an option to include, and I’m guessing that means I can grab more than one sub-directory?).

    Is this a pipe dream for me with this plug-in? I just want to make sure I understand its limitations before I give up on it. :)

    • Bev says:

      Michelle, There is one possible way to grab all photos from several directories and include in one slider. This would involve installing the Media Tags plugin by Paul Menard, then tagging each photo with a common tag, such as “myphotos”. Then you could display the slider using the shortcode [wp-imageflow2 mediatag="myphotos"].

  173. Michelle says:

    Ooh, that sounds like a decent work around. I’ll give it a go! (And many thanks for the reply!)

  174. Greg says:

    Is there an easy way to change the layout such as moving the captions a little further down, increasing the image size, reducing the amount of whitespace before the carousel etc?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Greg,

      You can edit your CSS file to add some space around the various blocks. The layout of the images in the carousel is under control of the script so you can’t do much there.

  175. Lexx says:

    where is the option to start at a specific slide number?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Lexx, The option is called ‘startimg’. An example of its use is [wp-imageflow2 startimg='5']

  176. Jim says:

    Hi Bev,

    My designer showed me your carousel. Very impressive. I need to include 26 images. Is that a problem?

    Thank you – and thanks for creating this!


    • Bev says:

      Hi Jim, The answer really depends on your web hosting. The carousel uses the medium size images when you are using the WordPress media library, so it is more efficient than using a directory full of large images.

  177. Lexx says:

    Hi Bev,

    Thanks for option name & example, it works well.

    I have another question:

    I am using the shortcode “wp-imageflow2” method and I am linking the images to an url – is there a way to open the link in the same window?


    btw, great plugin.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Lexx,

      To open the link to an external url in the same window, you can edit imageflowplus.js, and replace the 2 references of:
      window.open (this.url);
      window.location = this.url;

      I hope to add this as an option in the future when I have more time.

  178. Michelle says:

    Using the tags is working wonderfully (just need to get _all_ the photos tagged). :)

    I see you mention it uses the Medium size image. Anyway to use the Thumbnail? (I have my thumbnails square, so it’d look more uniform browsing through them is why I’m curious.)

    Many thanks!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Michelle, Glad the tagging is working for you.

      I use the medium size image because the script adjusts the size to fit the carousel. Using thumbnails would likely end up with stretched, pixelated images unless you have set your carousel to a small size. If you want to try using thumbnails you can edit the wp-imageflow2.php script and change this line
      $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, "medium");
      $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, "thumbnail");

      Also, thank you for the donation!

  179. Erik says:

    I am trying to load pics from a subdirectory. It is only loading the first pic and then not scrolling. I turn on auto-rotate and nothing happens. Any Ideas?

    • Bev says:

      Erik, It would help if I could see a link. Otherwise I would guess that maybe there is a non-image file in the directory that is interfering with the carousel.

  180. Erik says:

    A little website I am working on. Are the images too small?
    Thanks Bev for the help

    • Bev says:

      Hi Erik, Your images do look small, mostly because they are in landscape mode. You could trying increasing the width (in the settings) since you have a bit of room. This would result in larger images in the carousel.

  181. Erik says:

    Any idea why it is only loading one image?

    • Bev says:

      I see two images on Chrome and IE. You should slow down your auto-rotation – it is going crazy. Something odd is happening on Firefox. I will take a closer look at that.

  182. Erik says:

    I am not seeing auto-rotate or multiple images on firefox.
    Thanks I will check out the other browsers.

    • Bev says:

      I see your theme loads a lot of javascript. You could try viewing with the default theme to see if the problem goes away.

  183. Michelle says:

    Thanks again for the direction pointing! It’s fun to at least try and see what it can do. :)

    Happy to donate, it’s a great plug-in and the support you provide is extremely helpful.

    Have a great weekend!

  184. sameh says:

    hi ,iam build new site using wordpress , looking to put your perfect plugin into all posts , i tested it after rea all instraction provided .. but have a problem .., all the images in posts appear twice , once in the image flow gallery box as plugin normal looking , and second in the post as native wordpress looking .

  185. sameh says:


    i didnt insert the close to the shortcut

    just insert photo between


    photos goes here


    now my photo appear only once in my posts

  186. woodey says:

    Hi Guys,

    Love the plugin it’s the best around. Thanks again

    I am having a small issue though.

    The carosuel displays fine however if the user clicks an image the lightbox effect opens and allows the user to move through the gallery, when user clicks the left and right arrows, my problem is that sometimes the next image does not appear just the image title text can be seen. I have this problem across multiple browsers.

    Here is my site with the problematic gallery


    Any advice would be hugly appreciated.

    Kindest regards,


    • Bev says:

      Hi woodey, I took a look at your page a couple of times and the images were loading fine for me. Could have been a server issue at the time?

  187. andrzej says:

    Hello, I need help :(
    I’m trying to insert into template (like above) and I get error:

    I also tried:

    Any advice would be hugly appreciated!

    best regards

  188. andrzej says:

    ups, sory… code dissapear… once again:

    erro: fatal error call to…

    I also tried:

    echo do_wp-imageflow2(‘[wp-imageflow2=slajdy]‘);
    echo do_wp-imageflow2(‘[wp-imageflow2 dir=slajdy]‘);

    echo do_wp-imageflow2(‘[wp-imageflow2 dir="slajdy"]‘);

    • Bev says:

      Hi andrzej

      You should use a call like the following:
      echo do_shortcode('[wp-imageflow2 dir="slajdy"]');

      Note that do_shortcode requires WordPress version 2.5 or higher.

  189. andrzej says:

    @Bev: Thank You very much! what a fool of me :)It’s working! :) thx again :)

  190. Artem says:

    Hello, Tnx for this plugin. This is a best what i look for picture carousel.
    I have 2 little problem:
    1.I have deleted all the text about the pictures, but I don’t understand how can i delete the ALT text under cursor, can you tell me where to delete it ?

    2. I have changed parameters
    top: -50px;
    top: 25px;
    made everything a little upper, and now i got a huge space after the scrollbar to my content on the site.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Artem,

      The ALT text is used by the script to pass around image names. These cannot be changed without digging into the imageflowplus.js script.

      You can force the imageflow div shorter by setting a height with something like .wpif2_imageflow { height: 200px !important;}

  191. Artem says:

    Many thanks for the help and for very early reply.

  192. matt says:


    Love the plugin!

    When I link an image to an external url it opens up the page in another window/tab. Is it possible to have it open the url in the same page?

    Also I have been trying to upload images to a subfolder doing exactly as instructed but to no avail. Am I missing something really simple?



    • Bev says:

      Hi Matt,

      To open an external url in the same window you need to edit imageflow.js, and replace the 2 references of:
      window.open (this.url);
      window.location = this.url;

      Note that the external url links only work when the images are taken from the gallery attached to the page/post. The URL is taken from the description field of the image.

      If you are trying to use a bunch of images in a folder somewhere, you need to configure the path to the parent folder in the settings for WP-Imageflow2 in the admin area of the dashboard.

      • matt says:


        Thanks for the swift reply!

        The other thing I wanted to ask is if it is possible to open up another image in the lightbox viewer when you click on the cover flow image?

        For example, The coverflow carousel image would be the cover for a book and when you click on it, the the spreads of the book pop up in the lilghtbox?



        • Bev says:

          Sorry Matt, it isn’t possible to open another image. When the Lightbox opens up on any image in the carousel, all the images in the carousel are linked together as a Lightbox gallery.

          • matt says:

            Hello again

            As it is not possible to show a different image in the lightbox from the carousel image. Is is possible to crop the carousel thumbnail image so that the full version appears in the lightbox?

            Also is it possible to make the images larger in the carousel without making the size of the whole caousel larger?



            • Bev says:

              If you are using the WordPress media library, the medium sized image is used in the carousel and the full size image is used in the Lightbox. The full size image is automatically scaled down if it is larger than the screen.

              The carousel images are resized according to the container width, so it is not possible to make the images larger without making the whole carousel larger.

              • matt says:


                When I say crop I dont mean to resize the image. What I am saying is to crop the image so show it only shows a certain section in the carousel and then revealing the full image in the lightbox. I hope that makes sense and thanks in advance!

              • Bev says:

                It is not possible to do that now. If you are interested, I could do some custom development for you to support cropping. Please contact me in that case.

  193. Mike says:

    Is there a way to not show the file name?

    • Bev says:

      You can hide the file name using CSS by setting the container to display:none. So for the carousel you would set class .wpif2_captions to display:none.

  194. Lexx says:

    Hi Bev,

    I there are 5 images attached to my post I want to exclude the first – is this what the shortcode should look like?

    [wp-imageflow2 exclude="1"]


    • Bev says:

      Hi Lexx, The number used in the exclude must be the attachment id. You can find it by looking in the media library and hovering your mouse over the links associated with the image – the attachment id will be part of the link.

      You are lucky I found your comment – Akismet considered you spam.

  195. Kim says:

    Fantastic plugin and we’ve got it working, except for a few issues. We have the external links setup in the description field, and have checked the box to allow external links, but it’s not working. The images show up, rotate, clicking them opens them in a larger image file, but clicking them does not open the external link.


    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Kim, I suspect you are missing the “http://” in the link URL. The script looks for that to determine if there is a link or not.

      • Kim says:

        Bev, thank you for the quick response, but I verified each picture does in fact have the http://.
        I have tried http://www. and not using the www.
        I have tried setting it up by using a folder, as well as by uploading the pictures in the actual post.

        Are there any files I should edit to make sure its looking for external URLs?

        Sorry to be a pain, but I;d really, really love to get this working so we can use this plugin.

        Thank you for all of your help!

        • Bev says:

          You must also make sure you are using the gallery associated with images attached to the page. You must not be specifying a directory.

          • Kim says:

            Here is our directory path in settings: wp-content/uploads/
            then when we save, it gives us our subdirectory galleries found:

            [wp-imageflow2 dir=2011]
            [wp-imageflow2 dir=2008]

            we are using [wp-imageflow2 dir=2008] for this page.

            I went in and deleted all of our files and started over. Created a new page http://songsfromthevalley.com/2008-newsletters/ uploaded the files and attached them all to this page. Used the [wp-imageflow2 dir=2008] in that page and again, it all works great except the linking to external pages. Verified all pictures have the http://www. full path.

            I am so sorry to be such a pain!

            • Bev says:

              No problem! You don’t need to specify the directory for images attached to the page. Just use [wp-imageflow2] and it will select the attached images and will enable the URL linking.

  196. Kim says:

    You are so kind to be so helpful and it really is a great plugin. I am just sorry we are not able to get the linking to work.

    Guess I will head back to the drawing board to find another plugin for their use… but I will keep this in mind for another project!!

    Have a great day!

  197. Kim says:

    Wow, I just had something else happen… I went and removed the directory location in the settings file and just entered the [wp-imageflow2], as you mentioned.

    It is now showing captions for all of the images attached, as well as allowing the links to work. BUT, the images no longer show up, just the captions. LOL

    Any ideas on this strange happening and how to show the images??? Thanks!

    • Bev says:

      The problem is you are trying to use pdf files as images. You must use an image (.gif, .jpg, .png) as the image then link to the pdf as the external url.

      Hope this helps.

  198. Kim says:

    Bev, I got it working with your help!
    I was using jpg files as images and linking to pdf files, but the trouble came from the fact that I had entered info into the settings, as well as specified the gallery name in the call for the carousel.

    Once I realized what you meant above, I removed it and it is working great now. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your customer service is outstanding!!

  199. Paul Hammond says:

    I’ve been testing out your wonderful Imageflow2 plugin, but I’m having an issue I can’t seem to solve. The reflections for the images in my carousels fade to black below the image, as opposed to fading to transparent, as they do in your demo above. I have tried a number of options, but I can’t seem to get it to behave properly. I’m sure I’m missing something simple; any help/tips you might offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Bev says:

      Hi Paul, My demo has the background set to white on the settings page in the admin panel, so the images are fading to white not to transparency.

      • Paul Hammond says:

        Hi Bev,

        Thanks for the quick reply. In the meantime, I realized my error (I had set it to transparent instead of white) and was able to fix it. I do appreciate the confirmation, however.

        Thanks again!

  200. Eddie Bard says:

    I really love your plugin. I was hoping someone could help me out though. Please take a look at it on my site at http://www.mxdonations.com/puresyntest/portfolio/ You’ll notice that when you drop down the products submenu the menu pages are behind my gallery. Anyway to make them appear in front?

    Thanks so much!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Eddie, The gallery uses z-index to layer the images, so your menu is falling behind. You just need to set the z-index of your menu to something larger, I would suggest 10.

  201. Nina says:

    Hello there, this is a great plugin! I have one question though: Is there any way to just show the description, not the title (as well in the carousel as in the lightbox)? I can’t find it in the code, but then again, I am not an expert. Thanks!

    • Bev says:

      There is no way to configure the titles away.

      You could use CSS to hide the carousel titles:
      .wpif2_captions {display:none;}

      For the lightbox, you could hide both the title and description with:
      #wpif2_topboxcaption {display:none;}

  202. Tracy says:

    I’m making a website where the client wants to display images on a slider and have text AND picture links to other site pages displaying below the image (in the slider, not the popup page). I realize I can put text in the title field and get it to display and I’ve even successfully gotten images to show, but I have a LOT of text and seems a lot to cram into the humble title field. Is there a way I can call, say, the description field to display instead? (Thanks to your lovely thorough commenting, I can see in your code where it calls out the description IF the text used is an external link, but I don’t want to use the description text as a link at all, and I’m not savvy enough to be able to edit the code on my own without tons of trial and error.) Thanks in advance.

    • Tracy says:

      Edit to above: I just realized that the code I found refers to making the description text in the POPUP a link, not the text underneath a picture in the carousel. Okay, so I’d like to know how to make the carousel pull in the description field as text under the carousel pictures instead of the title field.

      PS: Your plugin is awesome.

      • Bev says:

        Hi Tracy, What you are looking for should be simple. Find the code in wp-imageflow2.php that reads:
        /* We are linking to an external url - use the title as the alt text */
        $alt = ' alt="'.$attachment->post_title.'"';

        Change it to:
        /* We are linking to an external url - use the description as the alt text */
        $alt = ' alt="'.$attachment->post_content.'"';

        Note that I have not tried this myself but it should work.

        • Tracy says:

          Okay, it doesn’t seemed to have changed anything, but I may not have done it right. Is this change meant to affect the text in the popup window or the text underneath the slider? Because the text under the *slider* is what I want to use the description field for. It does seem like it should be pretty simple! Also, I’d rather not to link to an external URL, but I guess I can live with the text acting like a link and just not connect it to anything. Anyway, what should I try next?

          • Bev says:

            I think I misunderstood what you were trying to do. It would require several changes to display the description field in the carousel – I think your best bet is to enter the data in the title field as you have discovered.

  203. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the help so far! You’re wonderfully responsive. :) I have another question: is it possible to change the spacing between the pictures on the slider? I’ve made the gallery fairly large and now there’s kind of a huge gap between the images.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Tracy, The spacing in the carousel is calculated by the script as it generates the images. There is no easy way to adjust the spacing without editing the script.

      • Tracy says:

        Okay, no problem. I futzed with the size of the gallery itself and basically got used to the spacing. :) It turned out fine.

        Also I got lots of compliments from the people I’m working with on how the gallery looks, so thanks again for this awesome plugin!

  204. Bob says:

    I’m having the same height problem others have mentioned. There’s way too much space above the images. I’d like to decrease the height of the whole block and images. Tried adding in:
    .wpif2_imageflow {height:300px !important;}
    wpif2_captions {margin-top:-100px !important;}

    The result is the box does get shorter and the scroll bar is now above the images. But the whole problem is the images remain where they were. How can I raise the images?

    • Bev says:

      The box usually extends from the top of the tallest image down. Either you have one really tall image or there is some other styling happening to your box. If you provide me with a link to the page I can take a look.

      • Bob says:

        Sure, have a look. http://icsheatingandair.com/products/

        I’m trying to create a short wide box. All the images are 179×108 tall. thanks

        • Bev says:

          I was able to make your page work with the following settings:
          – I dropped your height & margin settings for wpif2-imageflow & captions (ie back to the defaults)
          – Set the background to transparent
          – Added
          .wpif2_images {margin-top: -160px !important;}
          – Then I would set the scrollbar/slide to black

          Note that I did all this using the google chrome “inspect element” window – it is a powerful tool for adjusting page layout.

  205. Tracy says:

    Okay, two more questions – or perhaps, more like an either/or question. The people I’m working with now have ideas about the pictures in the slider linking to slightly *different* versions of the same image — which will boil down to a whole different image file — in the popup.

    So can the script be changed in a simple way to look for a different variation of the image than just the larger version WP has made? Would it be possible to tell the script to look for, say, the same file name as the slider image but with perhaps an added suffix? Like if I named the slider file “image.jpg”, and the popup file “image-popup.jpg”, could the script be instructed to put that in the popup instead?

    If not, then is there a way to link to an external URL but *not* have it open in a different window? We could fall back on making individual pages for the stuff that would have gone in the popups.

    :) I hope you like a challenge.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Tracy,

      To change the popup image, you need to edit wp-imageflow2.php and find the line that reads
      $linkurl = $pic_large;
      The variable $pic_large contains the full path to the popup image. Edit this line to manipulate the image URL.

      To open the link to an external url in the same window, you can edit imageflowplus.js, and replace the 2 references of:
      window.open (this.url);

      window.location = this.url;

      • Tracy says:

        The first option sounds like what I’d prefer, but I really don’t know *how* to manipulate that variable. Let’s say I wanted to put the images in a separate folder in the uploads folder and call it “popups.” How would I point to that folder, and how should I name the pictures inside? (PS: I have all my images uploaded to the Media Library.) Or is there a different configuration I should try?

        • Bev says:

          Hi Tracy, It sounds like you need a developer to customize the script for you. Contact me if you would like me to provide a quotation.

  206. Andy says:

    Hello. I’m trying to implement this plugin, but am having trouble setting it up. I have set the gallery path and followed installation instructions, but when I load the page, I see “[wp-imageflow2 dir={directory I entered}]“.

    Any thoughts?

    • Bev says:

      Can you give me a link to your page? The website you have listed does not use my plugin.

      • Andy says:

        Now, it just doesn’t show anything. I’m looking at multiple image flow plugins at the moment as well.

        I included the link in the “website” box.

  207. Andy says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’m currently investigating multiple image flow plugins. The page with your plug in is listed in the “website” box in the reply section.

    • Bev says:

      The plugin is not finding images. You likely have the path entered incorrectly. On the settings page below the path you should see a generated list of the shortcodes that should work. Does the directory you expect show up there?

  208. Nick says:

    Hi, could you kindly help with the following. I need to display the images on the home page by inserting code into index.php. I also need to have each image link to a Category url, so I’m trying to use the Media Library (with the url’s in the Description fields).

    The code I’ve inserted is:

    Unfortunately no images appear at all – possibly because no Media Library is ‘associated’ with index.php ??

    When I add dir=FOLDERNAME to the code, it works fine except of course that I cannot link to url’s. But it shows that the plugin is working.

    Please help!
    Many thanks

  209. Nick says:

    The code did not display above – trying again without the php tags:
    echo do_shortcode(‘[wp-imageflow2]‘);

    • Bev says:

      If the images are not attached to the page, you can use the Media Tags plugin by Paul Menard. This allows you to assign a tagname to the images you need in the gallery though the Media Library area of the dashboard. Then you can insert the gallery on the page using
      [wp-imageflow2 mediatag=tagname]

  210. Nick says:

    Thank you Bev, that worked a treat!

  211. Tracy says:

    Hi Bev. :) New question: why is it that the more text I put in the description field, the skinner and smaller the image and the surrounding box are in the popup? If I use the title field that doesn’t happen half as much. Is there a way I can keep the popup box and image from scaling down so much?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Tracy, I am able to enter paragraphs of text without any problem. Maybe there is something in your theme that has an impact? Perhaps if you sent me a link to the page I could check it out.

  212. Nick says:

    Hi Bev,

    I wonder if you can help me again. The plugin works perfectly for me on a .com domain, but not on a .com.au domain. When using it on the .com.au domain, I have to turn off the reflections – otherwise no images are found. And of course, it does not look so sexy without the reflections!

    Please help!
    Many thanks

    • Bev says:

      Hi Nick, I know there are some hosts that do not allow the reflection script to run due to the security settings of the server. That was why I added the no-reflection option a while ago. One way to check is to enable reflections, then your carousel probably appears with broken images. Right click on one of the images and open in a new tab. This will run the reflection script and you can see the error message that is causing the script to fail.

  213. Nick says:

    Many thanks again Bev!

  214. Vickey says:

    Love the plugin, using it in a wordpress site. Works great on all browsers, but not when viewed through those same browsers on an ipad or iphone. Any ideas on making it work there.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Vickey, The plugin should work on all browsers as long as javascript is enabled. When I view your site on an ipad I see the gallery working okay.

      • Vickey says:

        Thank for your prompt response. When you see the gallery on your ipad are you able to “flow” the slides with your fingertips or are you just tapping the image behind the front image to advance the slides? It seems like the “flow” feature we love on a laptop doesn’t work on the pad or phone.

        • Bev says:

          I am using ipadpeek to preview on an ipad. You can’t drag the images directly, but you should be able to use the scrollbar below to drag the images. The gallery works by either scrolling the mouse wheel, tapping the images, or dragging the scrollbar.

  215. Greg B says:

    This is a great plugin. It does exactly what I want it to do by allowing me to do a gallery for each player on our team but I am only having 1 problem. Every time I select the option to have the reflections show, the thumb images stop showing. I have checked with godaddy and our server has “gd”. would there be another reason I could be having this problem. Here is the link to the page I am working on.
    Thanks in advance

    • Bev says:

      Hi Greg. If you right click on the broken image and open in a new tab you can see the error message. It is saying “failed to open stream: No such file or directory”. Since we know the file is there, maybe you could try changing the permissions on the directory.

      • Greg B says:

        When I checked the image and image folder, it lists the permission as “web visible.” Is this what is should be? Also, I am using the media tag plugin. I am not sure if this affects it or not. Thanks, Greg

        • Bev says:

          Hi Greg. The mediatags plugin will not be a problem.

          I don’t use godaddy so I can’t say what exactly is needed, or if indeed this is the problem. I would try setting the permissions to all (777) and see if that makes a difference. If not, set it back to what it was. If it does help, try reducing the permissions to something more secure but still allowing it to work.

          Another possible problem is the path that is used to open the file. godaddy has added /var/chroot to the path and this may be messing things up. If you have programming skills you could try editing the reflect.php script and adjusting the path to make it work.

          Good luck!

  216. Bob Strupp says:

    Great Plugin! Thanks! Is it possible to turn off the scroll bar? How do I do it?

  217. Rahim says:


    I would like to echo everyone else and say great plugin. Took a little digging to find it but exactly what i need.

    CSS Question:
    could you please look over my page http://liveindowntowntoronto.com/test4

    trying to make the images bigger, I tried the various CSS lines through all the other comments but just cant get it large enough. All images are 600×300 and I would like them to show at least 300-400px.

    I really hope you can help cause i am really stuck, the images just refuse to resize when i modify the various margins.


    • Bev says:

      Hi Rahim,

      There are a couple of simple edits you can do to imageflowplus.js that should work for you.

      First change:
      var xs = x / z * this.size + this.size;
      var w = this.images_width * 0.5;
      var xs = x / z * w + w;

      Next change:
      this.size = this.images_width * 0.5;
      this.size = this.images_width * 0.85;

      What this is doing is scaling the image to 85% of the div instead of 50%, but still using 50% of the div width for positioning.

      • Kait says:


        I want to start out by letting you know I love your plugin! Great job.

        I’m having problems though- like many people, I’m trying to make the middle image larger. I’m replying to this post because I tried that and it just made my images really blurry, so it’s not a workable solution. Is there anything else I could try that won’t do that?

        Thank you very much!

        • Bev says:

          If you are using images from the media library, the carousel uses the medium size image. You can increase the size of your medium size image (under settings>media). Then you would need to re-upload your images to get the larger size.

          If you are using a folder of images, there is nothing more you can do.

  218. noel says:

    Great plugin! Curious if it is possible to do two things…

    #1. Add a styled img a:hover to the images in the gallery. Looking for a icon based splash menu use of the plugin — http://noelhefele.com/diaz/

    #2. Have the gallery be a continuous loop… first item begins again when the last item is central.

    Thanks much for such great work!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Noel,

      #1 is simple – you can add styling to your css as
      .wpif2_images img:hover { your styles }

      #2 would require some custom coding. I can provide a quote if you are interested.

  219. Vickey says:

    Great plugin… client would like to have the Lightbox feature turned off. They don’t want to have the images click to a page or a larger image. Is that possible?

    Any plans on making this work a little better on an ipad or iphone?

    • Bev says:

      Sorry, there is no way to prevent the Lightbox or window popup without some custom coding. The links to the images are tied in tightly. I could provide a quote to modify the script if you are interested.

  220. MJ says:

    Looks like the plugin is not working in Firefox..? Perfect with IE & Chrome though.

    • Bev says:

      I’m pretty sure it works in Firefox. Maybe you have a conflict with your theme or another plugin.

  221. mike says:

    How do I make the rotator background an image as opposed to a color?


  222. Tommy says:

    Hi, I was trying to set up the image flow, but have the following problem:

    I put the shortcode into the page, and also via the editor I added images from the media library.

    In the page then I see the imageflow with the images, but they are also shown below the flow in big size.

    After removing the images from the page in the editor, the images are still shown in the imageflow. Even if I delete the shortcode from this page, save it, and paste it in again, the flow still shows the same images…

    Do you have any idea about that that strange behaviour? I’m using WP 3.1.1 and the latest version of your plugin. Other plugins running: Only the NextGen Gallery at the moment.


  223. Tommy says:

    Hi, I was trying to set up the image flow, but have the following problem:

    I put the shortcode into the page, and also via the editor I added images from the media library.

    In the page then I see the imageflow with the images, but they are also shown below the flow in big size.

    After removing the images from the page in the editor, the images are still shown in the imageflow. Even if I delete the shortcode from this page, save it, and paste it in again, the flow still shows the same images…

    Do you have any idea about that that strange behaviour? I’m using WP 3.1.1 and the latest version of your plugin. Other plugins running: Only the NextGen Gallery at the moment.


    • Bev says:

      I’m not sure why you consider this strange behaviour, this is what I would expect. All images that are attached to the page will be displayed in the imageflow gallery (as they would in the WordPress default gallery). If you don’t want the images to appear you need to detach them from the page.

  224. Glyn says:

    Hi Bev,

    Great plugin!

    Is it possible to tell me how to do the simple stuff, and give me a quote for the difficult stuff on my wish list below?

    – full screen mode
    – continuous rotating of images rather than returning to the start
    – auto rotate resume after opening in light box

    Many thanks,


  225. Glyn says:

    Sorry, got another wish to add to my list….

    – Opening image in shadowbox instead of lightbox…?

    Many thanks!

  226. marineam says:

    Hi Bev,

    Thanks for that awesome plugin :)

    I installed the plugin mediatags as you suggested in order to use your plugin into a template using the following: echo do_shortcode(‘[wp-imageflow2 mediatag="paroles"]‘);

    I’ve got 3 images matching this mediatag.

    Unfortunately I get this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\wamp\www\wordpress-rdla\wp-content\plugins\wp-imageflow2\wp-imageflow2.php on line 152

    I’m using WP 3.1.1 and the latest version of the plugins.

    Any idea?


    • Bev says:

      Hi marineam,

      You will see this error if there is no media matching. I accidentally created a media tag where the name doesn’t match the slug and got this error. Could this be your problem? It seems you need to request the media-tag slug rather than the media-tag name. I’m not sure if this is new behaviour or not.

      • marineam says:

        Thanks Bev, I was using the mediatag name instead of the mediatag slug. Now it works well :)

  227. Glyn says:

    HI Bev,

    I have had the plugin working perfectly with WP page gallery and have just started trying to use it with a directory.

    I have the following on my imageflow2 set up screen:

    “Subdirectory galleries found: [wp-imageflow2 dir=hotel rooms]”

    But when i put the code “[wp-imageflow2 dir=hotel rooms” into the page nothing happens.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    many thanks,


  228. Glyn says:


    Just to clarify i am entering “[wp-imageflow2 dir=hotel rooms]” – I missed out the second bracket in the above post… apologies….

  229. Glyn says:


    Apologies again!

    i have got a bit further and removed the space from the directory name so the code now reads:

    [wp-imageflow2 dir=hotelrooms]

    The images now attempt to load on the page but they don’t show up – only question marks instead….


    • Bev says:

      Hi Glyn,

      Try right-clicking on the broken image and open in a new tab. You may see an error message this way that will help diagnose the problem.

      Hope this helps,


  230. Glyn says:

    HI Bev,

    Many thanks, it appears it was simply that the images were too big!



  231. marineam says:

    Hi again :)

    Question a bit more complicated…
    Each of my images have a link to a post as description so I can reach that post by clicking on the image. Good.

    Now, when I click on an image, I’d like to load directly the content of the post linked in a Div right under the gallery of my current page.
    So I was planning to do that using some javascript, but I can’t find how to do a query in js to get the title and content of a post…
    How would you do that?


    • Bev says:

      You can’t query from javascript. You would have to preload the titles and content using php, then use javascript to populate the div.

      • marineam says:

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        And if I take just the IDs. Then I can load the article using Ajax, right?

  232. Laurie says:

    I am trying to install the gallery on a virtual site that is in development.

    It is showing up on the home page http://cpanel.wirewaves.com/~prairie/ but the thumbnails links are broken. The light box image shows up fine. When I right click on the broken thumbnail image I get the following error message.

    Warning: getimagesize(/usr/local/apache/htdocs/~prairie/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/black-w-irid-squares-1-300×199.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/prairie/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/php/reflect.php on line 79
    Not a valid image supplied, or this script does not have permissions to access it.


    • Bev says:

      Well it seems that your images are there, but your server is not returning them to the script. Try turning off reflections to bypass this issue.

      • Laurie says:

        Thanks for the quick response!

        Okay, turned off reflections and the images are showing up.

        Any suggestions on how to get it to work with the reflections on? I noticed that in the settings next to that options it says (requires gd).

        What is gd?

        • Bev says:

          GD is an image manipulation package included in Linux builds. I don’t think that is your problem. It seems more like a permission problem – something in the setup of your server is preventing the script from opening the file.

          • Laurie says:

            Thanks Bev. That gives me a direction to go. I will have my programmer take a look at this from permissions perspective.

  233. Mark says:

    I added the plugin and am trying to place it in a footer widget but I am not getting images to show up. All I see in the footer is:

    [wp-imageflow2 dir=hp]

    but alas no images…am I supposed to add some code into a template as well? Thanks.

  234. kelly says:

    Hi there, firstly – fantastic plugin!! After searching through and trying dozens, yours was exactly what I wanted and compliments beautifully another I am using on the front page. One question….can I change with css the background color of the lightbox pop up? I would like to make it either black, or a color I am currently using on my page.

    You can see your plugin in action with a few customisations at http://kbimages.net/?page_id=401

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Bev says:

      Hi kelly,

      Are you referring to the white frame around the pictures in the popup? That can be changed by editing the definition of .wpif2_topbox in screen.css, or in your theme’s css you could add a new rule with !important.

  235. lionfish says:

    Hi Bev,

    Love the plugin but can’t get it to work on my devserver for a new site. I’ve got it working on a live site elsewhere, albeit without the reflections (is there a way to do this – extra plugin or something?), but the settings don’t recognise either the relative or direct url to the gallery directory

    can you help?


    • Bev says:

      Hi lionfish. My guess would be the numeric address in the path is messing things up. If you are interested, I could provide a quote on looking into this problem for you.

      Reflections can be enabled or disabled on the settings page. I know there are some servers out there that refuse to execute the reflection script so for those setups disabling reflections helps.

  236. Nicolas says:

    Hi Bev,
    It’s really a great plugin but can’t get it to work on the production server for a new site. I’ve got it working on a wamp devserver.No way make it work to the new one…
    The usual msg “Gallery path doesn’t exist”….
    I tried anything. The correct path should be “wp-content/gallery/”
    and the site is http://www.omplos.org. It is still a work in progress….
    Can you help ?

    • Bev says:

      Nicolas you can try entering the full path as “http://www.ompols.org/wp-content/gallery/”.

      If that doesn’t help, I can provide a quote on looking into this problem for you.

      • Nicolas says:

        Hi Bev and thanks for the quick response!
        But doesn’t work in this way too… :(

        Thanx in advance


  237. Karl says:

    Hi Bev-

    I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate post–not sure the first one was submitted properly…

    Have you given any more thought to creating a way for users to click through to a new url from the image in the lightbox? I love the way the plugin works now (arrows to scroll through full-size images within the lightbox) but would like to be able to include a link in the image title or somewhere else that would allow users to click-through…

    I’ve seen other inquiries about adding this functionality. Would this be a custom coding thing, or do you think it’s functionality that would be more generally useful?


    • Bev says:

      Hi Karl. Unfortunately the user support for this plugin is very weak so I have no plans to add new features.

      I would be happy to provide a quotation for the custom work if you are interested.

  238. Randall says:

    I am attempting to implement the wp-imageflow2 plugin on WordPress 3.1.3. The plugin works. However, the caption displayed for the slides and for the popup is the file name. I have tried entering text into the title, alt, caption, and description fields but the only thing displayed is the file name. Is this an issue with WordPress 3.1.3? Thank you for your help.


    • Bev says:

      Hi Randall, I have the plugin working fine with 3.1.3. It sounds like you have specified the directory in the shortcode. If you want the titles and descriptions you must use the version that pulls the images from the media library. This can be accomplished either by attaching images to the page/post and using the shortcode with no directory option, or by using the Media Tags plugin to tag media and using the shortcode with the mediatag option.

  239. Jeff says:

    Hi Bev,

    Awesome plugin, fantastic work! I’ve got everything working as it should, however, when a search is performed, the results display the post title and the script code. (Clicking the title loads the post and the imageflow script works just fine) For example, my search results for “Classic” show:

    Classic Door Style
    “jQuery(document).ready(function() { var imageflow2_2 = new imageflowplus(2); imageflow2_2.init( {conf_autorotate: “off”, conf_autorotatepause: 3000, conf_startimg: 1} ); }); Loading Images …

    I’m sure it’s something simple I’m overlooking. I can email you a link to my work in progress if it would help (I’m not at liberty to make a link publicly available at this time)



    • Bev says:

      Hi Jeff. I believe the problem is in how your theme is displaying the search results. I tried several themes in my library and found they either worked properly or don’t show the post excerpt at all so there is no issue. What is your theme?

  240. Jeff says:

    Hi Bev,

    Thanks for responding! I’m using Thematic (actually a child theme of thematic)


    • Bev says:

      I just tried Thematic and it works fine for me. I am using WordPress 3.1.3 and Thematic

      Maybe you should try your version without the child theme or with another theme.

  241. Patrik says:

    I really like this plugin but I have one problem:

    It works perfect on default-language pages, but in translation-mode when I paste the: [wp-imageflow2] nothing shows…

    I´m using WordPress3.2 and Handcrafted 1.0.8

    • Bev says:

      Hi Patrik. It sounds like the theme is either not executing shortcodes properly or the images you attach in one language are not attached in the other language so the plugin is not finding anything to display.

      • Patrik says:

        Hi Bev, thanks for your response. I think your first conclusion is right “theme is not executing shortcodes properly”
        Do you have any suggestions how to fix it? Is it D.I.Y or do I have to live with it…

        • Bev says:

          You should contact your theme provider. If it isn’t executing shortcodes then the theme needs to be fixed.

  242. Hugh Stewart says:

    Hi – I have put a bunch of pictures in the library and given them tags of “homepage” I assigned a title to each one. For a few,I even assigned algternate text and wehatnot.
    I included on the home page “[wp-imageflow2 mediatag=homepage]“.
    It works beautifully, except there is ot text. If I click on an image and see it blown up, the text is therel

    What have I done wrong?

  243. Hugh Stewart says:

    Additional info: I am using the Thesis theme and Paul Menard’s Media Tags. You can see the results at uumarblehead.org/testsite. Thanks for any resolution!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Hugh. I can see you have a file named custom.css which has .wpif2_captions { display:none !important;}. This will turn off the display of the photo captions. You need to remove this rule if you want to see your captions.

  244. marineam says:

    Hi Bev,

    At the moment clicking on an image fires the same action than playing with the sidebar and the mouse wheel.

    I’d like to add an action to the click event but I can’t figure out where to set that. I thought it would be in the image.onclick of the moveTo() method but didn’t work.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Bev says:

      If you don’t want to glide to the image on click, you need to find all the references that set onclick to “glideto” and change to your new function. There are 2 places – in moveTo and and refresh.

  245. Clay Gordon says:


    Thanks for the plugin and the support. I was able to style the plugin entirely through CSS though now that I see the math function (var z = Math.sqrt(10000 + x * x) + 100; — there are a LOT of comments) I know how to adjust the image size and tweak the CSS from there.

    This is exactly what I needed to solve a particular problem on the site I am working on.

    :: Clay

  246. Bethany says:

    Hey Bev, thanks so much for this plugin. I’m not sure if anyone already asked this but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m having a problem with the slider covering up some elements of my website like the main header menu’s dropdown contents. Is there a way to “send to back” the gallery so other elements come over the top of it?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Bethany, The gallery uses z-index to layer the images. You just need to set the z-index of your menu to something larger, try something like 10.

  247. francisco says:

    Im having a problem with the slider
    looks and works great but the z index is giving me a little trobule as the images go behind a flash component
    where can I modify teh zíndex you mention? to place it like 9999 :D
    If you could point me to the file where the zindex for this gets read Id appreciate it

  248. francisco says:

    THANKS :d
    omg I used caps rage… sorry

  249. Claudio says:

    I like your plug in very much but I’m wondering how to move down the scrollbar and slider dot via css.
    I can’t seem to find a way!

    Thanks in advance for your support!

  250. Smrth says:

    hey, nice plugin you have there… i wanna ask you two things…

    i’m using imageflow within php template with subfolder, how do i href it to external link?

    and second thing.. do you have moneybookers account?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Smrth, If you want to use external URL links you must use images from the WordPress Media library. You can upload the images to the post and use the [wp-imageflow2] shortcode. Then in the gallery settings you can configure the URL in the description field of the image.

      I do not have a Moneybookers account.

      Hope this helps!

  251. Steven says:

    Where do you access your plugin’s configuration settings in the WP admin?

  252. Uwe says:


    great plugin. Is it possible to link to an internal URL (subpage) that opens in the same window?

    • Bev says:

      To open the link to an external url in the same window, you can edit imageflowplus.js, and replace the 2 references of:
      window.open (this.url);
      window.location = this.url;

  253. Gary Grant says:

    Hi Bev,

    I don’t seem to be having any luck with this. Using WP 3.1.2 and genesis theme.

    Nothing shows up on the page. I have uploaded new images, updated the page etc. Any ideas?

    http://bridgestonecanadianwinterdrivertraining.ca/galleries/ is the page.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Gary, It looks like the script didn’t find any images to put in the gallery. Are you using the media library or a folder of images? If using the media library and attached images, the images found by [gallery] will also be found by [wp-imageflow2]. If using a folder of images, make sure you have the directory path configured correctly. You will see a list of the shortcodes to use on the found folders just below the directory path configuration.

  254. Bev,

    My images are coming up; however, they are .png and for some reason the plugin is putting a black background on them. How do I remove that or change that from occurring?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Sergio. You can change the background and slider colours on the WP-Imageflow2 tab of settings page in the admin area.

  255. ALlex says:

    Hi there,

    i cant get nothing :'(

    I did a simple page to test it with only this code

    [wp-imageflow2 dir=wp-content/uploads/2011/11]

    but i dont get nothing.

    WHere is my sitake?

    many thanks


    • ALlex says:

      i meant : where is my mistake



    • Bev says:

      You must set the “Path to galleries from homepage root path” in the settings admin page for WP-ImageFlow2 to “wp-content/uploads/2011/”. Then you should see a list below of the
      directories found. Copy and past the shortcode for the desired directory.

      Or you can upload the images directly to the post/page and use the shortcode without specifying a directory.

      • ALlex says:

        Many thkns for yr promt replay.

        I did as u suggested and i got

        [wp-imageflow2 dir=colca-lodge-400x268.jpg]
        [wp-imageflow2 dir=ES_VATICANO48-S-60x39.jpg]
        [wp-imageflow2 dir=Koh-Kood-2-190x142.jpg]
        [wp-imageflow2 dir=Koh-Kood-Tree-Pod-Dining_2-1024x682.jpg]

        Now if i put on the page, for example,
        [wp-imageflow2 dir=colca-lodge-400x268.jpg]

        i got this

        Warning: opendir(/home/viaggi/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/colca-lodge-400×268.jpg) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: Not a directory in /home/viaggi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/wp-imageflow2.php on line 302

        Warning: readdir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /home/viaggi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/wp-imageflow2.php on line 303

        Warning: closedir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /home/viaggi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/wp-imageflow2.php on line 337

        and a black image.

        if i remove the .jpg extension, i dont get nothing :'(

        Many thanks


  256. James says:

    Thank you for an amazing plugin!

    I have a question about the behavior of opening URLs when you click on the image. I have the images set to open the various pages of my site.

    I edited imageflowplus.js as you described so that I can open the link in the same window. This works well. However, there’s one thing I don’t like about the way it looks, which is that when I click the image, the whole page goes white for a second while it loads the new page.

    This is a shame, because the logo at the top and the navigation at the top aren’t changing. Since these pages are all on the same site, the top of each page is going to be the same.

    It would be so nice if you could click an image and have a blog post or a page load at the bottom, but without having to refresh the entire page and have a second of whiteness before loading the new page. Kind of like this: http://designcirc.us/themes/?theme=Bookcase(Portfolio)

    Is there any way around this?

    My site is at:


  257. yrs says:

    I very much like yours plugin, but it would be desirable to change a little, prompt as it is possible to realize a circular cycle of pictures at scrollbar

  258. dMb says:


    I love the simplicity and slickness of this plugin. Thank you. One question. The plugin options allow you to change the pulgin color & text color BUT is it possible to change the color of the Lightbox boarder from the default white?

    I hate messing with code (I’m not a coder) so if it is possible can you please tell me which .js file or files I need to edit and which line in that file/files I need to change the ‘color: #ffffff;’

    Thanks again for a great plugin & I look forward to your reply!

  259. jem says:

    great plugin,
    wanted to know the short code in change the height.

    • Bev says:

      The height of the box is automatically determined by the script. You can, however, adjust the width on the settings page in the WordPress admin panel.

  260. jem says:

    oh and how do you centre it in the page?

  261. George says:

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    How can I control the position of the text and slider in relation to the image with or without the reflection?

    Thanks you!

    • Bev says:

      The only way to adjust the positioning is using CSS rules on the objects. Make sure to use !important to any rule you add to your CSS to override the script settings.

  262. Enrico says:

    Is it possible to make imageScaling set to false work as the stand-alone script?

  263. Stealthpaws says:

    Hi… I’ve just upgraded WP to 3.3 and installed the latest version of ImageFlow2. When I previewed my post in WP with the new ImageFlow2 plugin activated, it shows up fine and looks wonderful. However, when I directly access my site or follow a link to it, the ImageFlow does not work on page load. Instead a large image appears at the top of the page on the left of the text, then thumbnails of the rest of the pics are down at the bottom of the page under the text. The strange thing is that when you click on the large image at the top, the ImageFlow2 loads and works just fine. I viewed it in Firefox, Chrome, IE & Sea Monkey…they all did the exact same thing. Is this something in my settings or what? I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours. Help! Thanks… you can see the page at www dot saorsastudios dot com.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Stealthpaws. I navigated to your site but it looks like you have removed the gallery. I don’t have any problems with my website at 3.3, so there may be a conflict on yours with another plugin.

      • Stealthpaws says:

        Hi Bev. Yah…but I didn’t. That’s the problem. If you click on the large photo at the top, the gallery loads. I’m utterly stumped. I even reloaded all the pictures. Can’t get to media library from ImageFlow, so I loaded them directly to the page. I’ll keep working on it. If you think of anything, pls let me know? Thanks

        • Stealthpaws says:

          Ok…I think maybe there WAS a conflict. I had an earlier version of ImageFlow activated, and my gallery path was incorrect, although I did upload the pictures directly to the page so they were “there”. It’s working beautifully now, and I love it. Thanks for answering my question so quickly, and have a happy holiday!

  264. kwekwe says:


    Je souhaite agrandir en largeur le plugin a 100%
    pour etres coherant avec la suite de ma page

    Comment faire.

    @ bientot et merci pource plug

    • Bev says:

      Hi kwekwe, You can set the width of the plugin box on the settings page in the admin area of the WordPress dashboard under “Container width CSS”.

  265. Lorenzo says:

    I am quite familiar with wordpress and I had a few projects during the last years; however, your plugin is not working at all and I’ve tried a lot of things (http://www.haberkamp-kommunikation.de/test/)
    – WordPress 2.9.2 (still)
    – Plugins: Askimet, Clean-Contact, Lightbox 2 (2.9.2), PHPEnkoder, TinyMCE
    Can you please have a look,

    Thank you for your support,

    • Bev says:

      Hi Lorenzo, It looks like no images were found for the directory. If you are using WordPress gallery images, trying using the gallery shortcode – it should find the same images. If you are using a folder of uploaded photos make sure your path is configured correctly. The settings page will list the folders found and the appropriate shortcode to use.

  266. giorjoe says:

    hi freind thans for plugin,how can i update the image in my gallery from URL file?
    example from imageshack

    • Bev says:

      You can use the WordPress image upload feature to add images to your post/page. Then the WP-Imageflow2 gallery will find them. I don’t know if you can link directly to Imageshack – you could try to configure it as a direct path on the settings page.

  267. Colin says:

    I’ve followed all of your directives to try to get wp-content/gallery/ and every combination of public_html/forum/wp-content/gallery to load and play the images in this folder.

    At first I used this short code, [wp-imageflow2] and it showed 4 library irrelevant images. Now nothing shows.

    The problem is that this code rendered nothing when at least something showed with the basic shortcode […2]

    This is ultimately what needs to show in the sidebar: [wp-imageflow2 dir=gallery] However, I’m not sure how to make that happen.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Colin,

      When using the shortcode [wp-imageflow2], the gallery will display the same images as [gallery] – just the attached images.

      When using a folder of images to produce your gallery you must set the path on the settings page. Once the path is entered you will see a list of shortcodes on the settings page showing all the folders it found. This is the easiest way to confirm that the path is working properly. If you are not seeing the list then try some alternate formats for the path. You can even try using the full path http://www.mysite.com/

  268. Jeff says:

    Hi Bev,

    Excellent work, great plug-in! (And I gladly donated!)

    Just curious if there’s been any progress in the ability to sort the order of the images (alphabetical would be great!)



    • Bev says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the donation! To order your images that are tagged in the media library, just use the “orderby” parameter to sort on the desired field.

  269. Hello! Your plug-in is awesome and is saving my life!

    I have a question though. What in the .js code can I change in order to have the carousel seem continuous? Rather than restart at image 1 go from 7 to 1 in a circular fashion? Like a wheel? is there a part of the code to change that?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


    • Bev says:

      Sorry, this script doesn’t support a circular carousel. My other plugin, Style-My-Gallery, supports the latest official version of ImageFlow by Finn Rudolph. That does support a circular carousel, but does not have the built-in Lightbox featured that I added to this plugin.

      • Hi. Thanks. I am checking out the other plugin you recommended. Fortunately, I don’t need lightbox! I appreciate the time and effort. I’ll let you know but I think we’re good.

        Thanks again.


  270. Zton Martuna says:

    Hi! This is really a great plugin. I am also wondering on how I can do just like the previous poster wanted to achieve. I wanted to make the carousel work in a circular fashion. Will this be possible and how?
    Your help will be very much appreciated!


    • Bev says:

      See my reply to David – you can try Style-My-Gallery if you need the circular carousel without the Lightbox.

  271. serge says:

    really great plug in – amazing support – Thank you Bev – was glad to help WP-imageflow2 plugin dev by making a donation tonight. Serge

  272. Morris says:

    Hi Bev,
    This plugin is so kewl!

    I wish to use WP-ImageFlw2 with the getshopped ecommerce plugin. When the product is being displayed, I want to take my visitor to the product page when s/he clicks on the image.

    However, the description field is removed from the Media Edit screen so I cannot edit the description field.

    Can you suggest another way to enter the url to make the magic happen?

    Kind regards!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Morris,

      If you find the image in the Media Library you should be able to edit the description.


      • Morris says:

        Here’s the trick Bev:

        Finding the image in the Media Library is not enough. GetShopped WP e-Commerce, when activated hides the description field.

        To modify the description, first deactivate the WP e-Commerce plugin. The description field will then be displayed and can be changed.

        Future enhancement suggestion is to have a separate field for the url so that a “tweet” length description can be displayed.

  273. Morris says:

    Also, is there a way to order the images in a random order?

    • Bev says:

      You can use orderby=RAND

      • Morris says:

        Thanks, this is what I have:
        [wp-imageflow2 mediatag=home startimg=6 orderby=RAND]
        Doesn’t seem to work. Must it be in a certain location?
        Cache flushed

        • Bev says:

          Hi Morris, When you use the mediatag option the image order is determined by get_attachments_by_media_tags – this is a Media Tags function. If the order is not returning random then it might not be supported. You could check with that plugin author.

          • Morris says:

            Making progress. Thank you. Orderby is supported, however, in lower case, not upper case. Here is the format of the command I used.

            [wp-imageflow2 mediatag=home startimg=6 orderby=rand]

            Next question. At the end of the rotation, the images “rewind” like a U. Is it possible for it to just continue to rotate the images continuously like an O?

  274. Are Hansen says:

    Thanx for a great plugin!
    I’ve used it for displaying some goods in a small webshop. My problem: one of the products is a vinyl singel-record. I tried to make that image a PNG with transparency around the record-image, so that no white square would block the image behind. That works, BUT the reflection gets filled with black where the PNG was transparent. I got the same result with a transparent GIF

    Any way around this?

    • Bev says:

      Do you have the latest version of the plugin (1.6.4)? Did you configure your background to transparent on the admin settings page?

      Version 1.6.4 includes a new reflection script that supports transparent PNGs. I have tested successfully with a transparent PNG, so if you are still having problems perhaps you could set up a test page where I can view it.

      • Are Hansen says:

        Yes, I use 1.6.4 and the background is set to transparent.

        Here is a test page where you can see the results:

        And here is the URL to the PNG:

        Another strange thing: the reflections on the other goods here are transparent, even when their original image is a JPEG!

        • Bev says:

          Hi Are, I tried your image on my test site and see the same strange reflection that you do. When I open the image in my photo editing software the transparency is lost, yet when I open other PNG files the transparency is not lost. So there seems to be something different about the way your image is saved.

          • Are Hansen says:

            You were right: I reopened the image in PhotoShop and discovered that it was an “Indexed Color” image, which apparently confused the reflection. Changed the image to “Greyscale” and resaved, and now everything works as it should!
            I love open source and freeware, espescially when I can communicate directly with the programmer, as here! Sent you a small donation, and hope thousands others will do the same

  275. giorjoe says:

    How can i push in up my slide? i have many space in up,you can see in my home http://www.leaguesonline.it please help me no very beautiful now.Bye and thanks

    • Bev says:

      Hi Giorjoe, I took a look and it seems that you have resolved the problem. For others with the same issue you can use a negative margin in your CSS to remove excess space if needed.

  276. Linda says:

    Dear Bev – I love your plugin! It’s awesome. I am having a weird problem though. I am using the Genesis Framework and the Landscape theme by StudioPress. I have your plugin working great at http://www.dancescenela.com. We are moving the site from a test server over to a new web hosting company owned by CopyBlogger (the Genesis peeps) at websynthesis.com. I have everything configured exactly the same from what I can tell, but the images show up as broken images. When I view the source, it looks like it’s pointing to the correct image path – when I copy the path from the source and enter in in the address bar, the image does appear. I am completely stumped! I’m thinking it must be the web hosting company or something to do wtih that. Do you have any clues that could help me? Thank you very much!

    • Linda says:

      Here’s the code I am using in the home.php child theme template:

    • Linda says:

      I figured out that the site on the websynthesis hosting – the images with the reflection are missing! That’s why the images are broken. That’s a clue anyway. Thank you.

    • Linda says:

      Sorry for all the posts! When I turned off image reflections, it worked. Ugh – I want those image reflections! They look great!

      • Bev says:

        Hi Linda, There are actually 2 reflect scripts in the package. If the first doesn’t work you might not have the more advanced GD package on your web host. In that case you can try the second – just rename php/reflect.php to something else and rename “php/old reflect.php” to php/reflect.php.

        Hope this helps!

  277. giorjoe says:

    i put margin -50px important,i read all post.

  278. giorjoe says:

    How can start in center my slide?

  279. anna says:

    Hi, I been looking for something like this plugin for a while. It looks great! However because I need to have a nice looking descriptions under images I did installed Media Tags plugin, assign tags to images I want use and inserted code into page but images do not display :( Here is the link:
    Any tips how to fix it? Thank you

    • Bev says:

      The images have been found but it looks like the reflections are not working due to a permissions problem. You can right-click on one of the images and open in a new tab to see the error message. Try turning off reflections in the settings and see if that helps.

      • anna says:

        Hi Bev, Thank you so much for your reply. I got it working. Shame the reflections are gone:( Must ask my hosting if they can assign the permissions to get it right.
        One more question, could you pls advice how can I get the slider up the page/reduce its height? I deleted all margin and reduced padding on .wpif2_loading also tried to assign height on .wpif2_imageflow but it doesn`t work :(

  280. Andy says:

    How can I delete the Captions under the Pictures?

  281. Andy says:

    Where do I Put this code to get the captions away?

    .wpif2_captions { display: none; }


    • Bev says:

      You would add this to your theme’s CSS file. I usually create a section for plugin customization and put all my plugin CSS in one place so it is easy to manage.

      • Andy says:

        The Caoptions go away, but then my slider is all messed up its like all the way to the right.

        please help :)

  282. Andy says:

    Thanks I got that now.

    But how I do pick which picture it should show

    “Upload your pictures to a subfolder and use the shortcode [wp-imageflow2 dir=SUBFOLDER]”

    this doesnt work for me.

    • Bev says:

      You need to configure the path to your folder on the settings page. Once the path is configured correctly it will display a list of the shortcodes that will work with that path.

  283. REFT says:

    We’ve got your image slide on our homepage and have been loving it, but we’ve discovered a big problem I’m hoping you can help with. We have an SSL certificate through Go Daddy and while that comes up as secure, the website is coming up as insecure at checkout. If you go to the page http://refactortactical.com/products/kydex-holsters/kydex-holster/ and put a product in your cart (e.g. a holster) and then go to checkout, in the URL bar it shows the symbol for the site being insecure (easiest to see in Chrome). Here’s what it says:
    Your connection to refactortactical.com is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.
    However, this page includes other resources which are not secure. These resources can be viewed by others while in transit, and can be modified by an attacker to change the behavior of the page.
    The connection uses TLS 1.0.
    The connection is encrypted using AES_256_CBC, with SHA1 for message authentication and DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.
    The connection is compressed with DEFLATE.

    According to the log console on Chrome, it’s because of the WP-imageflow plugin. Have you got any thoughts for me on how to fix this? I would really appreciate your help!

    • Bev says:

      I suspect you have configured your site URL without https. Check the General Settings page. WP-Imageflow2 uses the site URL to construct the path to the scripts.

  284. imran says:

    Thanks for this lovely plugin.
    It was working fine, but then I removed it and when I inserted it back, it is not working. It shows the banner but not the images.


    • Bev says:

      Your website is generating 403 forbidden errors on all your images. You’re going to need to resolve that.

  285. Lindsey says:

    I just recently installed wp-imageflow2 and was wondering how to hide the thumbnails that appear under the wp-imageflow2 gallery?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Bev says:

      There shouldn’t be any thumbnails. Did you insert the [gallery] shortcode below the [wp-imageflow2] shortcode?

  286. Niall says:

    Hi there.

    i find the empty space above the images is a bit too large. is there any way to reduce the height of it?


  287. Einoj says:

    hi bev, i like your plug in but it doesn’t show up to me. i think may path is ok coz it displayed the images in subdirectory. i put up your code [wp-imageflow2 dir=myfolder] then i dont see anything.

    pleae help me…


    • Bev says:

      I would need to see the page venture any guesses. You likely have the path wrong if nothing is showing at all. If you see a slider with broken images then there is a server configuration issue.

  288. Hi Bev

    You might be tired of helping people with your wonderful free plugin. Would love to give this sweet little coverflow a 100% max-width for a responsive design, but I am struggling to find a solution. I just want it to be the same proportions; only sit full width in the browser regardless the screen resolution.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Daniel, You can configure the width to 100% under Settings > WP-Imageflow2 on the dashboard. Make sure your theme is responsive.

  289. Tommy K says:

    Hi Bev

    Loving the gallery. Using it lots. Was just wondering if it is SEO friendly? As in, if I properly tag the photos, will someone be able to find one of the photos from my gallery if they happen to search for it in Google?

    I ask because I’ve added an SEO plugin to my site and when I have the WPimageflow2 gallery there it says there are no photos on my page.

    I really want the photos to be a way to catch viewers who are looking for photos on google image search.


    • Bev says:

      Hi Tommy. If you are using reflections then the images are displayed through a PHP script – as a result they are not recognized as images.You can disable the reflections if this is important to you.

      • Tommy K says:

        Thanks Bev. I appreciate it.

        Just to clarify, sorry I’m not very technical. If people are looking for photos in google images, will it be possible for them to find one of my photos if they are displayed in the WPimageflow2 gallery?

        For example, today we posted about the beau clancy diamond with a small photo gallery. If someone types in “beau clancy” into google images search, would one of our photos at least have a chance of appearing in the search?

        As the photo doesn’t really appear on the page, but in a kind of floating gallery, I can’t imagine that it would appear in google images.

        • Bev says:

          Actually as long as google crawls your page, it will find these images and add them to the google image gallery. The images from my plugin page demo can be found there.

  290. Matt says:

    I would like to have more lightbox functionality like NextGen or Slimbox. Like using keyboard keys, being able to swipe on the iPad..ect. Is it possible to link the thumnails to a different lightbox function?

    ALSO HOW DO I GET RID OF THE CAPTIONS/TITLES IN THE LIGHTBOX? I can’t find this code anywhere in the CSS/JS

    Thank you!

    • Bev says:

      It is not possible to use a different Lightbox without some custom coding.

      You can hide the captions in the Lightbox by hiding the div with id wpif2_topboxcaption in your CSS:

      #wpif2_topboxcaption { display: none; }

  291. Tom says:

    Hi, I’m a non-techy.

    Plug in is just what I was looking for in terms of a full-screen carousel. But here:


    – images display fine in full screen, but not at all in the smaller view (it just shows a picture not loading icon). Can you advise? Many thanks.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Tom,

      You can right-click your image and open in a new tab. Then you can see the error message. Yours is a new one for me – “Fatal error: Out of memory “. Are your images huge?

  292. Nokohaha says:

    Is there any way to turn off the captions? Thanks love the plug-in!

  293. giorjoe says:

    How can i see only image title in slide and when click see the descriptiones?

    • Bev says:

      That is how the script works now. The title field of the image is displayed below in the carousel, then when clicked the Lightbox opens and shows the description. If you are not seeing these there might be a problem in your CSS.

  294. Tommy K says:

    Hi Bev

    We’d really like the images in the gallery to be larger. I think this is a question of formatting the photos before uploading them. Do you have any advice or specifications for how to format jpegs so that they appear almost full screen size when users click on them in the gallery? Thanks

    • Bev says:

      The script links to the “large” size image. You can set the dimensions on the Media Settings page in the dashboard. Screen size varies but I wouldn’t go any larger than 1024 by 1024 myself.

  295. Al says:

    This great and answers a request by the client. I have a basic questions – on the path to set when using the media-tag plugin using the short code [wp-imageflow2 mediatag=tagslug] to pull the images from the media library. I have made it work for the other 2 short codes for: (Enter a value here if you wish to upload images to a directory. Path to galleries from homepage root path or full url.)Is this the only to set an external url link?


    • Bev says:

      Hi Al

      You only need to set “Path to galleries from homepage root path or full url” if you want to select images that were not uploaded through the WordPress media interface. For example if you just want to FTP a bunch of images, then you can upload to a directory, set the path and the plugin will find them there. Using this method does not allow any external URL links to be linked to each image.

      You can use external URL links on any image that is pulled from the media library – either through the media_tags method or from the page’s attached gallery images.

      Hope this helps.

    • Al says:

      Actually before your reply.. I made one minor change in the short code for using the media tag plugin to [wp-imageflow2 mediatag=(the name of the tag created in mediatag)]. I was replacing the “mediatag” with the name of the media tag created. Some confusion.

      And that I was aware that the uploaded gallery would not allow the external links which is why I did the media tag plugin.

      It working great! Thanks


  296. József says:

    Great plugin! Thank you for your work and answers some questions. Was a great help to me.

  297. gopi ashwen says:

    helloo awesom plugin. i want to ask if the slider can flow in reverse motion. like img 1,2,3 and then 3,2,1. is it possible? pls help….

  298. Matt says:

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    I did one a question. I wanted to find out how I would go about making it so the slider bar is towards the top of the slider area (or above the images) instead of towards the bottom of the images. Just wondering where I would change that either in the css or php.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Bev says:

      I would suggest using CSS to reposition the slider div, it would be easier to maintain in case of plugin updates.

  299. sree says:

    Great plugin!
    i want imageflow style see http://www.gallyapp.com/tf_themes/core_wp/
    how can change the plugin to this style.
    pls help me….

  300. Tommy K says:

    Hi Bev

    A strange problem has started occuring. Sometimes, but not always, when I choose one of the photos in my gallery to be the featured image it not only becomes a thumbnail featured image but also it replaces the header image of my entire blog.

    This seems to happen with large landscape photos and not potrait photos….I think.

    Is this a problem you’ve encountered before?


    • Bev says:

      I don’t see how that can be related to this plugin. It must be a problem with your theme or another plugin.

  301. gert says:

    I’ve recently installed your plugin on a fresh new installation. When i use the plugin the image are shown for half in the popup and when i go over the image with the mouse the other part is shown. Sometimes there is a small part of the image in the middle of the popup. Do you have an idea what this problem could be ?

    • Bev says:

      It appears you have resolved this problem yourself.

      • Gert says:

        The problem still exists. I could send you some screenshots if you mail me.

        When you click on an image from the banner and the popup opens the image is shown for half. ( only the left part. When i place the mouse on the right side, the half of the image left disappears and the right half is showing.

        Kindly regards,


        • Bev says:

          The problem is the background:inherit on your “a” tags

          • Gert says:

            Dear Bev,

            Today i deleted the background: inherit; in the “a” tags. The problem has been solved! Donation for support and development is following.

            Thank you very much for the support!

            Kindly regards,


  302. linhnt says:

    Hi, I’m having a trouble with focus image. I’ve posted here
    Could you please give me a small tip or solution?

    • Bev says:

      When you edit the code make sure you are only changing the +100 at the end. I have seen this done several times and the centering remains correct. Could there be something in your CSS that affects the image – something with !important would override the script settings.
      var z = Math.sqrt(10000 + x * x)+100;

      • linhnt says:

        Problem solved, thanks for reply.
        And if I want my images reflection have lower opacity and height? How can I did this trick?

        • Bev says:

          You can change some of the default options in the script. WP-Imageflow2 only uses bgc, you can change the defaults of the others to suit your needs (height,fade_start,fade_end,tint)

          • linhnt says:

            Did you try? I tried by adding query string, but my output images have black top and bottom cut out about 10px.

  303. Georgia says:

    Hi Bev,

    Love this gallery feature and was hoping you could help me.
    I would like the gallery to be bigger and to also display in the centre of the page.
    Are you able to help?

    • Bev says:

      You can alter the width of the gallery on the settings page. The height is automatically calculated based on the width. If you gallery is not centered you can use CSS styling to position it.

  304. mishooo13 says:

    I would like to say to everyone it is a great plugin. Took a little digging to find it but exactly what i need.

    could you please look over my page

    I tried to place it under the news bar and search bar

    but it goes in the center of the page

    appreciating your support

    • Bev says:

      The slider is in your “main” div. If you want it to appear outside the page content you would need to add the “do_shortcode” function call to your template in the required position.

  305. manue says:

    hey guys
    i bought the Theme “Core” on wordpress- The “Flow”style already in it, didnt work, its why i downloaded this plugin..
    – the autorotation doesnt work (I allowed it in the setting)
    – my pics are show up fixed behind !!! ..so it looks stupid to have my pics in the flowstyle,and the same which are fixed behind..how to delete in the settings??because these pics which are behind, come from my Theme through my settings ,i guess?


    • Bev says:

      It sounds like you have a theme conflict. Did you try using WP-Imageflow2 with a different theme?

      • manue says:

        hi Bev

        I thought about a conflict like you, but didnt try with an other theme ..
        so I dont know what to do, but anyways, the autorotation doesnt work, do you think about a conflict too?
        and also if I put 2000px, the pics are showed on the right, almost out of the screem, is it normal?

      • manue says:

        here is my website “under construction” to give u an idea..and the pics are too down on the page ..?

    • Bev says:

      Something is injecting html line breaks into your javascript. Either try disabling other plugins or try the default theme.

      • manue says:

        what is “injecting html line breaks into your javascript

        • Bev says:

          There are line breaks in the javascript that shouldn’t be there. Either try disabling other plugins or try the default theme to determine the cause.

          • manue says:

            oh ok,
            please, could you tell me where should i resolve the line breaks in the javascript?, where is it in my settings?
            thks !!!

            • Bev says:

              All I can suggest is disabling other plugins or try the default theme to determine the cause of the problem.

  306. manue says:

    unfortunatly I already tried to disabling all the plugins, and the default theme, but didnt work. u are my last chance ! :) the designer of my theme doesnt answer me anymore

    • Bev says:

      All I can see is that the javascript for the WP-Imageflow2 carousel is not running due to an unexpected “<”. When I look at the source code, there are html line breaks inserted in the javascript. I have never seen this before. If you don’t know how to proceed to resolve this I suggest finding a programmer who could help you, but this is beyond the scope of usual free support for the plugin.

  307. Hi there, very nice plugin. Working with wpimagegflow2 I resolve a lot of time problem Thank you. But now, after putting website online e specifing the right SUBFOLDER, every image is recognized like a subfolder and gallery does’n work!! (for example [wp-imageflow2 dir=20120831.jpg]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=20120901 (2).jpg]
    [wp-imageflow2 dir=20120901.jpg] ) Please help me, it’s very important!!! bye bye from italy to everyone!!

  308. Tim says:

    Hello Bev.

    I installed this plugin a while ago and so far it looks super great! :D Loving it. I have some questions though. 1. How do I open up the external links in the same window? I tried the methods you’ve mentioned in the previous comments but still it opens up in a new window.
    2. Is there a way to remove the background color to make it transparent? I currently have a background image on my site and it is a pattern. So is there a way to remove the background color and make it transparent?

    I hope you can help me out. Thanks

    • Tim says:

      Edit the open in the same window is fixed now. But I’d like to add another question.
      3. Lets say I am using this plugin to display the photos in “post1″ is there a way to use the plugin to show the images in “post1″ in “post2″?

      • Bev says:

        The best way to select images from outside the current post is to tag them using Media Tags plugin, then use the mediatag option on your shortcode.

  309. Van Klimetz says:

    Installed the plugin and followed the instructions for setting up the imageflow. I also installed the Media Tags plugin to use that option for pulling specific images from the WP Media Library. I tagged the images in the library and then added the shortcode to the page I wanted but the only thing showing up is a black box, nothing loads. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • Bev says:

      There is a javascript error on the page (from another script) that is preventing the Imageflow script from running.

  310. marsha says:

    sorry, i am a bit lost: no matter what I try I don’t get the thumbnails above the slider, although the pictures show when I click on it.
    With other words: the imageflow works but without the thumbs.
    Who can help?

    • Bev says:

      Trying disabling the reflections. Your server might not allow the script to run.

      • marsha says:

        Thank you very much, Bev, that was the solution. :-) I am running a XAMPP-localhost-instance: I hope it will work when I upload it on a webserver.


  311. mailen says:

    Hi! I´m trying to install the plugin uploading my pictures to a folder, but an error is display:

    PHP Error Message

    Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/local/apache/htdocs/0) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/:/usr/lib/php:/tmp) in /home/a9981966/public_html/ramon/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/wp-imageflow2.php on line 287

    could you help me please?
    thank you so much

    • Bev says:

      Sounds like a safe mode error while trying to access the images. Try uploading the photos somewhere within your WordPress installation.

  312. Frank says:

    Hello! I had your plug-in functioning beautifully on a local server, but when I went live with the site for some reason I can’t get the gallery path sorted out. This is the full url…


    …which, if you enter in a browser will take you right to the galleries. But when I copy/paste that into the plugin setting, it insists that the gallery path doesn’t exist. The galleries folder is in the same folder as the WP installation.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Bev says:

      Did you try simply entering “galleries/” ?

      • Frank says:

        Good morning! Yes, I did try the short version, and all different versions of partial paths. I also have deleted and reloaded the plug-in various times between attempts. Still no luck getting it to recognize the galleries folder.

        If it offers any insight, I also have the kind of situation where attaching images to a page produces a carousel of error boxes, Clicking a question mark does present the image.

        I’m obsessed with fixing this now because it looked so good locally!

        • Bev says:

          On the display with the carousel of broken images, try right-clicking on one to open in a new tab. You should see an error message that might help. It sounds like there might be a mod_security issue. Could you send me a link to the page?

          • Frank says:

            Thanks, Bev — The error message leads to a permission issue in line 79 of reflect2.php. I’m not afraid to edit this code, but I don’t know the right answer. Here’s the test page:


            • Bev says:

              Did you try disabling the reflections? I suspect you have the security issue on the server and it isn’t allowing the image to be accessed in the script. If you are able to find a solution, please let me know because this is a problem that others have, usually with godaddy, and it would be nice to resolve this.

              • Frank says:

                Aha! With no reflection script selected, the images DO appear in the carousel. That is a very workable workaround, thanks! I would still like to figure out how to access a valid gallery path, just for the ease of working with folders versus the WP media library. I’ll stay tuned here for related news, and post anything I manage to figure out. Thank you!

  313. John says:

    Really great plugin, thanks! How do I link to URL instead of lightbox.


  314. Klas says:

    Hi we are trying to use this plugin on a Multisite Network, It works fine on the main site but it seems to be a link problem for the reflect image under the child sites.

  315. chedie says:


    I can’t make the plugin work on my site AFTER I installed Multi-site and Mapping Domain plugin. When I inspect element the homepage, I can see the images are accessed but they don’t appear.

    Is there a solution for this?

    • Bev says:

      If you can send me a link I might be able to help more, but I would suggest trying to disable reflections to see if that helps.

  316. dkj says:


    thnks for this brilliant plugin, I am using the plugin in cojuction with cTabs.

    [tabgroup][tab title=”Tab One”][wp-imageflow2 mediatag=Botox][/tab][tab title=”Tab Two”][wp-imageflow2 mediatag=Acne][/tab][/tabgroup]

    On Page load the first image group (Botox) works fine however on clicking the second tab the tab plugin resize to be smaller to be smaller than image group2 (Acne).

    I switched image group (say img group 1 to be in tab2 and vice versa) but that did not help.

    Could you plz tell me the problem and how to resolve it?


    • Bev says:

      I tried this out on my test site and see the same result. The problem seems to be that the galleries on secondary tabs are initialized while display:none is set, so the initialization is not working.

  317. Internet-Uzver says:

    Hi, how can i disable the built-in topbox popup? I prefer to use fancybox.

  318. Internet-Uzver says:

    Is there a way to toggle css class on active thumb, which centering on click?

  319. Eric says:

    Hi Bev,

    Congratulations for your hard work on this great plugin.
    I wonder if there’s a chance to make it W3C validator friendly.
    Do you have any idea on how we could get rid of those error messages ?
    – “Attribute rel not allowed on element img at this point.”
    – “The longdesc attribute on the img element is obsolete. Use a regular a element to link to the description.”

    Also, Firebug raises an error on this IE trick:
    “Image corrupt or truncated: ”
    but not the W3C validator. So, I don’t care that much about it.

    The W3C validator also doesn’t like to find ‘width=”100px”‘ in image attibutes. It prefers ‘width=”100″‘ (without unit), but this one is easy to fix ;)


  320. JJ says:

    The path I entered shows a list of shortcodes on the settings page and all the images it found. http://www.realrootscafe.com/wp-content/galleries/ I inserted a gallery on a post by specifying the shortcode [wp-imageflow2 dir=galleries]. Nothing happens?

    • Bev says:

      It sounds like you are missing a level in your directories. The shortcode list on the settings page should be listing directory names, not images. If you images are directly under “galleries” then your configured path should end in “wp-content/”.

  321. Nikita says:

    Please tell me, how is it possible to specify the order of playback pictures from the folder. The maximum that I have found it: [wp-imageflow2 startimg=6 orderby=rand] What are the options for more than “orderby = rand” and how do I set the order reproducible slides.

    thanks in advance

    • Bev says:

      If you are using a folder of images you cannot specify the order. If you need to order them you must upload the images to your WordPress Media Library, then the “orderby” feature may be used.

  322. James says:


    I’m getting some fairly mad errors when i use the plugin. The images are being recognised in the control admin screen but the following appears onsite…
    Warning: opendir(/home/jampvide/public_html/fairlawproject.com/wp/wp-content/slider/mark.png) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: Not a directory in /home/jampvide/public_html/fairlawproject.com/wp/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/wp-imageflow2.php on line 324

    Warning: readdir() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/jampvide/public_html/fairlawproject.com/wp/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/wp-imageflow2.php on line 325

    Warning: closedir() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/jampvide/public_html/fairlawproject.com/wp/wp-content/plugins/wp-imageflow2/wp-imageflow2.php on line 368

    Any clues


  323. Andrei says:

    Love your plugin! Great job! But I want to customize it a bit through changing some parameters and can`t find what to change. I want to do the screen more wider with the same height. Other words, I wanna do it more broad. Would be very greatfull if you guide me how to do that.

    And there is a problem with downloading the plugin on wordpress website. It even can`t find plugin on server

    • Bev says:

      Hi Andrei,

      There is a settings page which provides the customizations available. You can modify the width and the height will be calculated based on the image size.

      The plugin is currently not available on WordPress due to their reviewing for security exploits. I am hoping it will be available again soon.

  324. Hi

    Nice job on the plugin. I just upgraded and now see the scroll bar and caption on top of my images. I don’t want either, is there an option or any way for me to remove them? tks

  325. Wilfried says:

    great plugin and nice rotation system. Unfortunatly I have problems do get the images shown in the layer after a klick.
    Im sure this depends on a realy foolish error on my site. Could you help my anyway?
    Thanks a lot.


    • Bev says:

      I notice you have an extra word in your pop-up image path, “…/wordpress/wp-content/…” while the carousel images don’t have the “wordpress” part of the path. I’m curious how you configured this gallery to get this result. I think your configured gallery path should be something like “wp-content/gallerien/”. Is that what you have?

      • Wilfried says:

        Thanks for answering that fast.
        If I use “wp-content/gallerien/” as path to the gallerys from homepage root I do not get any images shown.
        With the path “wordpress/wp-content/gallerien/” the images are shown in the carousel view, but not in the lightbox view.

        The wordpress installation is a subdomain and it is linked to the wordpress folder.


        • Bev says:

          I tried setting up a subdomain like yours, and found it worked properly for me with “wp-content/gallerien/” as the path. Your server must be configured in a different way. It is difficult for me to pinpoint the problem without access to your server to run tests.

          You could try the different path settings with reflections disabled to see if that helps.

          Otherwise, my suggestion would be to use the WordPress media library instead. Upload the images to the page and use the shortcode without the directory.

          • Wilfried says:

            Now it is working in the combination of disabled reflections, the path “wp-content/gallerien” and [wp-imageflow2 mediatag=car] using media library with the tag plugin and the tag “car”.
            Thanks a lot for your kind and fast support.
            Have a nice day.


  326. I believe that I have correctly followed the instructions, but I have only a black rectangle showing. Is it possible that something is interfering with your plugin?



  327. Hmmmm . . . I turned off minify in my cache plugin for another reason. Now your display is good for the post in the main page (recent posts), but it’s just a black box at the bottom when you click on the post to open it alone in another window. That’s beyond me.

    Thanks, Bev. You are very responsive and helpful.

    • Bev says:

      I checked on the post page and you have 2 javascript errors, related to your captcha and crossslide. These are killing all the scripts on the page.

      • The plugin is working now, but I have another issue. In the post at http://highdesert.messersmith.name/a-cornucopia-of-illustrated-drivel/ I did not have proper titles for the images. The file names were used. I later edited and updated each image to include my title in the Title and Alt Text fields. Now the changes do not show. I still see the file names for those images which were not properly titled in the beginning. I’ve flushed every cache I can think of, but nothing gets the new titles displayed over the image flow thumbnails. I like the plugin very much. I tossed a few bucks in your hat.

        • Bev says:

          Can you disable your caching plugin and try again? The page I am seeing was cached, but 2 of the images seem to have the new titles.

          • I disabled everything in W3 Total Cache, deleted everything in Firefox history, deleted the first image from the post (the “Cornucopia” post) and reinserted it from the media files, making sure that the Title and Alt Text read correctly (no underscores), updated the post, flushed all caches and then checked the post on another machine which had also had browser cache cleared. Still shows the old title. I even tried CTRL/F5 to force a fresh upload not using a cached page. I don’t understand what’s going on, but my workaround is just to be very careful with image titles and Alt Text. You might note that if you mouse over the first image the Alt Text reads correctly.

            I’m giving up on trying to fix the one post. I’ll just be more careful. If anything else occurs to you that might help, I’ll watch this thread, but don’t knock yourself out.

  328. Thanks, Bev. I’ll kill them.

  329. Kim Sturgis says:

    I have been using Version: 1.6.3, which has been working great for me, including reflections. I updated because I wanted the links to open new windows, but when I did it broke my reflections. I get the thumbnails if I turn off reflections, but titles don’t show correctly because they are positioned over the top of the thumbnail. Is there something I can change in the older version to have the links open in a new window?

    • Bev says:

      When you updated did you try both reflection scripts on the settings page? Version 2 is the version that came with the older releases so would probably work for you.

      • Kim Sturgis says:

        I tried it with both scripts and with strict server settings both on and off.

        • Bev says:

          Please try version 1.8.2. I discovered some changes I made in version 1.7.4 might cause the script to misbehave on some servers. Version 1.8.2 reverts to the old version.

  330. Vickey says:

    I have looked through the code and cannot find where to control the quality of the images. It seems like we had the option before.

    Also on the desktop version when clicking on one of the images we have it set to go to a page… that feature doesn’t seem to work on a smart phone.

    • Bev says:

      There has never been a quality option, you must be thinking of another plugin.

      I just checked the URL linking on my BB and it is working fine. Are you sure you clicked on the image while it was centered in the carousel?

  331. sayeed says:

    Hi Bev,
    I have used your plugin on this page
    its showing only loading
    while i delete the cache its working . what will be the reason behind this please assist.


    • Bev says:

      It seems like your page content is loaded via javascript, and WP-Imageflow Plus needs the “document.ready” event to trigger the script to run. I suspect you might need to hack the script to run on some other trigger.

  332. Joy says:

    Your demo does not work on Android. When you can get the images to pop up in the lightbox (inconsistent results), each one shows farther to the right of the last one. The little scrollbar at the bottom which supposedly has touch control is really mouse control. I couldn’t get it to work touching it, as it’s so small and just selects the image or moves the page around instead. And that was with it zoomed in.
    And this demo has only small images, so I don’t know if larger images would be chopped off on mobile or scaled.

    • Bev says:

      Can you give me more details – what device and browser and version numbers are you using?

  333. Jim says:

    Love that WP-ImageFlow Plus meets just the basic requirements I have for an image carousel, and I’d even contribute if I could use it, but one thing is stopping me: lack of the option for a continuous carousel; that is, a carousel that doesn’t reverse to the beginning when it reaches the end, rather than continuing on in a loop. I see that feature was discussed in this forum back in 2010. Did it never come to fruition?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Jim, That feature was never added. If you are interested I could provide a quote to create a custom version for you.

  334. Eddie says:

    Is there a way to have 2 separate galleries on the same page?

    • Bev says:

      There are several ways to define a gallery. The default built-in is the one you are probably familiar with. You can also include a gallery from another page/post by specifying an id in the shortcode. You could use the media tags plugin to specify a group of images from the media library. You could upload images to a folder.

      • Eddie says:

        Thanks for the reply. Could you explain how to make the separate gallery with the built in function or specify it with ID tag in the short code?

        As you can see on http://mxdonations.com/valdutest/rentals/campers/

        The same images appear in both galleries.

        Thanks for any help!

        • Bev says:

          You can specify exact image ID’s with include=’xxx,yyy’ in your shortcode.

          Another option is to create a dummy post (say post id 456), upload the images there, then include the gallery on a different post/page by specifying id=456 in your shortcode.

  335. Leo says:


    Great plug-in – thanks!

    I’m having trouble with the position of the slideshow in my template. I’ve added it to the header, but as you can see in the link, it is being pushed right down and hangs over the menu:


    It should fit nicely into the blue square … the div has no padding or anything. Could you please let me know how to move it up?

    Thank you!

    • Bev says:

      In your case I think adding something like “top: -120px;” to the CSS for your images, scrollbar and captions will shift it all up.

      • Leo says:

        Hi Bev,

        Thank you for your quick reply! Do you mean in the plugin CSS – the screen.css file?


        • Leo says:

          Hello again Bev,

          I tried making the changes to the screen.css file.

          As you can see, it moved the images up but not the scrollbar or captions:


          Here is the css:

          .wpif2_images img {




          color: #ffffff;

          margin-top: -150px;







          margin-top: -150px;





          border-bottom:1px solid #b3b3b3;


          margin-top: -150px;


  336. Leo says:


    Sorry, another quick question. I need to set up two different image flows on the same site. The second one will be a different size and need different text colors, etc. So the global settings in WP won’t allow for this. How would I go about setting this up?

    Thank you.

    P.S. I made a $5 donation a couple of days ago.

    • Bev says:

      You should be able to use 100% for the width – this will give you a slider that adjusts to the size of the layout. However the colours can only be configured globally so you need to choose a colour that works everywhere.

  337. Leo says:

    Hi Beth,

    Sorry again – another question.

    I have my imageflow in the template in the header.php file.

    I was using a directory for the images but I wanted to change to the media library so I could add customer titles and descriptions.

    However, the images are not showing on the imageflow, only the titles. When I click the title it opens the image up correctly in a new window.


    – I have installed the Media Tags plugin and used the slug “top-slideshow” and inserted the following in the template:

    echo do_shortcode(‘[wp-imageflow2 mediatag=top-slideshow]‘);

    – I have disabled reflections and also tried Strict Mode

    Can you think of any reason why the images are not showing?

    Thank you!

    • Bev says:

      I right-clicked the image in the carousel and opened in a new tab. It shows the media size image doesn’t exist. I would suggest you either need to regenerate your thumbnails or clear caching if you have it enabled. The image does appear correctly in the lightbox so the large size image is found ok. As a test you could try inserting the medium size image in a page content and see if it appears.

  338. Leo says:

    Hi Bev,

    Yes, that fixed the problem – thank you!

    I am still struggling with a couple of issues with the imageflow in my template header.php

    The imageflow is obstructing my main horizontal menu, so I am unable to click the links. You can see this here:


    I have added a border to .wpif2_imageflow (red) and wpif2_images (green) so you can see what is happening.

    I’ve tried fixing this with height values and margins but I can’t seem to figure it out.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Thank you!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Leo,

      You just need to adjust the z-index of your menu. Using the following code will insert it above the carousel and below the lightbox:

      #MenuDiv { z-index: 15000; position: relative; }

      • Leo says:

        Excellent, thank you! That’s almost everything fixed now. There is just one more issue. In the image flow at the bottom of the page:


        under the title “Bookstall: Hangar Manager’s Recommendations” there is a large space under the imageflow. You can see this is caused by .wpif2_imageflow (I have added a red border so you can see).

        How can I remove this space?

        Thank you!

  339. Leo says:

    Hi Bev,

    I am trying to get the images to be in a specific order. Ordering by title won’t work for this because I am displaying titles under the images are they are not in alphabetical order, so I can’t use


    I tried ordering by the caption field (e.g. using 1, 2, 3, etc.) using


    but this didn’t work.

    On the Media-Tags Help Page it says:

    “orderby: Default is ‘menu_order’. Controls the ordering of items displayed. Other possible value(s) are ID,”

    and stops there. It doesn’t give the other options.

    Could you suggest how I can set the order of the images?


    • Bev says:

      If you are having trouble ordering with media tags, you could try using specific image ID’s with include=’xxx,yyy’ and orderby one of the options mentioned here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Order_.26_Orderby_Parameters

      Perhaps use ‘name’ rather than ‘title’ and name your images accordingly.

      • Leo says:

        Hi Bev,

        Thanks for your reply. The order by name sounds ideal. I’m not sure where in Media library I should enter details for this .. for each image I can see title, caption, Alternative Text and description.

        Where can I “name” each image?

        Thank you!

        • Bev says:

          The name is the slug, which is the actual image name. I haven’t tried this myself but it sounds like it should work for you.

  340. Eddie says:

    Is there a way to make the thumbnail images larger?

    • Bev says:

      The thumbnail images use the “medium” size of the image and are scaled according to the space available. You can increase the width of the carousel in the settings, just make sure the images are not over-stretched.

  341. John says:

    The image slider carrousel doesn’t work but when you click on the box where the image is it displays the picture, what do I have to do to fix this, thanks

    • Bev says:

      If you right-click and open the broken image in a new tab you can see the error messages. In your case it looks like a server restriction. Try turning off reflections, then it should work.

  342. Tumurtogtokh says:

    Hi great plug-in..

    i have a problem. i used folder way, in my page plug-in doesn’t work, but if i view a page from admin panel it works. Any idea to solve this?


    • Bev says:

      I haven’t heard of this happening before. Perhaps there is a conflict with your theme or another plugin. Could be a javascript error preventing the plugin from running. Can you provide a link to a page with the carousel?

  343. Jeremy says:

    Bev, thanks again for a wonderful plugin.

    I cannot get it to work on this site:


    It just perpetually displays “loading images”

    I’ve looked for script conflicts, but I’m coming up empty (I can sort of get it to appear in Firefox when I inspect the element).

    Can you take a crack at it? Thanks so much
    jeremy Goldsmith

    • Bev says:

      There is a javascript error on your page, not related to my plugin. This prevents all javascript from running.

  344. I have everything set up right, I think. The settings page sees my images, but the shortcode generator doesn’t seem to work right.


  345. John says:

    I’ve been using your plugin (and donatad!) for a bit and love what you’ve done thus far. I now have a specific feature I’m trying to achieve: have a thumbnail link to a vimeo video (played within the lightbox, not navigating offsite)

    Can you advise? It’s greatly appreciated!

    • Bev says:

      Hi John, First thank you for your support of the plugin. There currently is no way to link to a vimeo file in the lightbox without altering the code. If you are handy at coding you could try to alter the code and insert a vimeo link in place of the image url ($linkurl) that is passed in data-link to the carousel script.

  346. Atranaz says:

    Hi ,
    First nice work i implement one of my project & its working fine now i see some more features in it kindly tell me is i possible to add navigation in flow image area ?

    thanks in advance

    • Bev says:

      If your carousel images come from your WordPress media library, you can add a link to the image in the image editor. There is a link field specifically for the WP-Imageflowplus carousel.

  347. John says:

    Love the plugin but have one issue. Full size images flash for a second over the loading gif while loading. I see the div is already hidden in css. Perhaps an if else statement in the javascript would fix this. Please take a look at the url provided and advise on fix. Thanks for a great plugin!

    • Bev says:

      Do you see this on all browsers or just Chrome? I think Chrome has new behaviour where visible items inside a hidden div will display. This is something I noticed when testing the 2014 theme, but I thought it was theme related. I will investigate further but if you have any ideas let me know.

      • Bev says:

        Can you try modifying the code in imageflowplus.js, around line 205 to look like this:

        if(new_img_w && new_img_h)
        image.style.height = new_img_h + 'px';
        image.style.width = new_img_w + 'px';
        image.style.top = new_img_top + 'px';
        } else {

        • John says:

          Thanks Bev! That did it. Fixed it in every browser. A couple of minor issues though that I think aren’t related to the plugin.
          I have some other jQuery code that may be interfering.

          In IE 10 the loading.gif doesn’t show. In Chrome and Firefox the loading.gif shows but my custom fadeIn doesn’t fire.

          I’m fading in .wpif2_imageflow in another script. Need to clean up my js. Working on this on a local server will push to the live site when all is worked out.

          Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

  348. Rob says:

    Great plugin; small problem – having added media to the page (rather than using a folder), ImageFlow is also reading/displaying my page background image (via Background Per Page plugin).
    I didn’t add theis background image to the page gallery – anyway ImageFlow can be forced to ignore body backgrounds?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Rob. You can specify a list of media IDs to exclude in the carousel using the “exclude” argument. This should do the trick for your case.

  349. Laura says:

    I can’t get it to work!!! What am I doing wrong please???

    • Bev says:

      Your page has Javascript errors that are preventing my plugin from running. The errors come from code not related to the plugin.

  350. Stuart D says:

    Hi, great plugin!

    My small issue, how can I get rid of some of the white space that appears at the top of the images? We tried removing all the tall portrait images and sticking to landscape ones, but the white space remains.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Stuart. Most people solve this by adding a negative top margin to the containing box in CSS. If your design is responsive you would use a percentage value, otherwise a pixel amount will work fine.

      Thanks for your donation!

  351. Like the plugin! marvelous job,
    i m a beginner of web designing facing a problem,that my images are not showing in gallery, I have uploaded images using WordPress media uploader in media library … Please help me