Bonus Add-Ons

WP-Imageflow Plus IconBonus add-ons are available to all plugin supporters who donate a minimum of $10 to fund continued development of the plugin.


To install the bonus add-ons, download the package, unzip, and upload to your WordPress plugins folder. From then on you will receive updates in the usual manner from your WordPress Dashboard.

Shortcode Generator

The shortcode generator add-on makes it easy to insert WP-Imageflow Plus shortcodes anywhere on your post or page. The pop-up window guides you through selecting the images and options correctly.

The WP-Imageflow Plus shortcode generator button

The WP-Imageflow Plus shortcode generator button

WP-Imageflow Plus shortcode generator window

WP-Imageflow Plus shortcode generator window

Next Gen Gallery Support

Use the WP-Imageflow Plus carousel with your NextGen galleries. Simply enter the gallery number in your shortcode like [wp-imageflow2  ngg_id=1].


25 Responses to “Bonus Add-Ons”

  1. Made a $1 contribution to try your carousel. Downloaded and installed as instructed by I don’t see the wp-imageflow embed icon.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Bev says:

      Hi Daniel, Thanks for your contribution. I’ll start with the simple questions – do you have version 1.8.0 of WP-Imageflow Plus installed? Did you activate the Bonus Add-ons plugin? What version of WordPress are you using?


  2. Gonzalo says:


    I activated the Bonus Add-ons plugin, but when I use WpImage-Flow Plugin ShortCode and select the NextGen Gallery, it put the next code:
    [wp-imageflow2 ngg_id=1]

    but when I try my page, appear a framework with the slider but doesn’t show any picture.
    When I tried only with NextGen Gallery it work good, so I think the problem is with WpImage-Flow plugin
    Any idea?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Gonzalo,

      Thanks for your support of the plugin.

      I suspect there might be a script error on your page that is preventing the imageflow from running. You should check for javascript errors on your page. If you are able to send me a link to your test page I can take a look.


  3. Hi!

    Great plugin!

    I link the images to certain pages and i wonder: is there a way to track the clicks? Word press does not recognize any tracks so I guess the js have to be modified in some way.


    • Bev says:

      Your google analytics can detect click through if the images are the only link from the carousel page to the article.

  4. Hi, thanks for a quick response.

    The problem is that the images in the carousel links to another domain i.e. not articles within my wordpress installation.

    WordPress can track outbound links if they come from “regular” text/image-links, but does not recognize clicks on links in the carousel.

    Google analytics can track outbound links _if_ the links themselves are modified according to these instructions That seems however not possible (for me) to do the way the Imageflow-plugin is constructed right now (please tell me I’m wrong).

    Can you think of a solution to this?

    /all the best

    • Bev says:

      Maybe you can have the links go to an intermediate page that redirects to the desired external link. Otherwise you would need to modify the imageflowplus javascript to add the google code when the onclick event is created.

      • Hmm, yes I’ve thought of redirecting to another page first. The thing is that I have quite a few images, and creating a specific redirect-page for each one would be a lot of extra work. That’s why I thought of modifying the javascript instead.

  5. Victor says:

    I donated because i want to show images from a folder on my root…

    If I show images from my gallery it shows other images that i don’t want to show

  6. Marcos says:

    Made a $5 contribution to try your carousel. Downloaded and installed as instructed by I do not see the thumbnails in the carousel only see the image name.
    If I click on one of the names I see the image

  7. Grady says:

    Wonderful plugin! (and wonderful bonus pack).

    I’m using images from a NextGen gallery….but how do I establishing links with each image? If I run an imageflow from images attached to my page, each has the special imageflow field to which I can set an URL, but there’s no similar mechanism for images in a NextGen gallery.


    • Bev says:

      Hi Grady, Currently the link feature is only available with images from the Media Library. I currently don’t have any way to specify a link for Next Gen images.

      • mhollowman says:

        Hi there

        Just donated and got the bonus pack. Is this linking feature available now?


        • Bev says:

          You can specify an image link on the Media Library editor window. The field is titled “WP-Imageflow Plus link”. You must open the edit window for the image if it is already present in your library. If you are uploading the image from a page/post you should see the link field once it is uploaded.

  8. Andy says:

    Hey, im troubleshooting for my friends site, On using a mac, eg. a macbook pro or air, whilst using gestures on the touchpad. the images scroll way to fast and you either end up at the beginning or the end of the imageset. any advice?

    • Bev says:

      Hi Andy. The touch control is tied to the scrollbar, so if you swipe quickly from one side to the other it will scroll through all the images. If you swipe to the middle of the scrollbar it should stop at the middle of the carousel.

  9. Hello. I’ve installed yesterday the bonus add-on. When I see the gallery in the “preview the changes” mode, it seems to work well, but, when I publish it, the gallery is wrong. You can look at it in this link:

    Please, how can I solve it? Thank you.